Saturday, September 15, 2012


IF you are reading this - then I am in Kingston without internet service. (thank god for the scheduling feature on blogger)    This no internet service has been one of the hardest things about this long distance relationship W and I are going through.  

I am so used to writing to him and having an answer to my question - to my problem - to my love note - in a matter of hours.  These past two weeks have been hit 'n miss.  I write to him and he will do a coffee run to Tim Horton's and download all his emails - fire off a quick one to me and then go home and read the emails.  AND maybe I will get an answer to my question in a day or two - or not at all.......... 'cause that's the problem of long distance relationships without internet service.

Anyway - getting back to the point of this............ yes I am back in Kingston - working to get the house in order - feeding my need for a W "fix" for a couple of days .......... 

I'll be back Monday with a full report of the weekend............ 

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  1. I am SO sick and tired of companies screwing up things. The latest is Bell Canada saying I don't have a telephone number to Primus Canada ( my ISP ) so Primus can't install their internet stuff so I can have internet!!!!

    Strange Bell Canada, you have ALREADY sent me a monthly bill for the new number.. I really wonder who is the liar in this matter..




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