Friday, September 07, 2012

Surprise !!!

Yah yah!  I know I said I wouldn't be here for a couple of days - BUT - W was worrying about me driving up after a day's work - being tired and all - so we decided I would drive up early this morning - after a good night's sleep!!

His furniture arrived yesterday - pretty much the way it was picked up - unprofessionally.  The moving company still isn't answering his calls.  There were huge amounts of damage to his furniture - like his new coffee table now has a broken leg.  The driver refused to sign the damage papers - and tried to drive OVER W ........ 

I definitely need to get there - if nothing else - just to be with W - and hopefully be a calming influence.

A submissive from up there - who I have been mentoring - and who has become a rather close friend - emailed me last night and offered her help in organising the house - what a sweetie !!  As she put it "I take direction well " :)  

So off I go - keep us all in your thoughts please !!  This has been a very trying / exhausting/ stressful time for W (and for me)

Oh and on another note - I had 2 other visitors through my lil home last night - and my agent feels there should be an offer on the table by the time I get home......... so some positive thoughts in that direction would be most welcome too :)

See ya on the flip side............ 


  1. Gotta a feeling your new neighborhood is going to be an adventure.

    (Note to W: Don't sweat the small shit, pal. While the pigs are flying overhead just chant the mantra, "Fuck it all. It ain't a thang." Then go find a baby duck to kick in the water. Or better yet, beat the hell out of morningstar for the fun of it.)

  2. You and W are in my thoughts... sending strong, positive energies your way.

    hugs, sway


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