Friday, September 21, 2012

Well that was an "experience"

Well I went through my first "offer" on the townhouse.... what an experience!!  I was a little worried I would jump without looking.............. but I didn't need to worry.  My wonderful agent almost threw the other agent out of the house!!!

They came in more than 20,000$ under asking price - AND (are you ready for this one??) They wanted all my furniture thrown in for good measure.  Really?? were they serious??? 

So we counter offered and told them it was my final offer... take it or leave it.... and it didn't include any furniture!!!  I have a feeling they will be "leaving" it.  

This afternoon I will be doing the drive up to Kingston again.  But this weekend will be the best one  yet !!  1)  W has his internet up and running so I can stay connected ...and 2) We are going to a play party/barbeque on Saturday night.................


  1. That's nuts! Why would anyone expect that furniture should be included in the sale price of a home? Don't they have any of their own? I suppose you should look upon it as a compliment to your good taste in decorating.



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