Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rumour or Fact?

I read on Mistress160's blog (<==  that is a link - but stupid blogger isn't letting me underline or change text colour - go figure !!) a few days ago that  her blog might just disappear.

Apparently - according to what I read on her blog - Google is shutting down with no warning - sex blogs. Now truthfully I didn't really consider her blog a "sex blog" - I always considered it a BDSM blog - with sex thrown in.  

So I have googled the question "is Google shutting down sex blogs?" and got no response.  really - nothing at all about sex blogs - go figure! 

Which got me thinking ................. 

My first reaction was "oh crap - does this mean I have to find another host for The Journey??" I have tried more than a few other hosts and honestly blogger is the easiest to learn - manipulate and use............. and it's free !!  AND truthfully folks - with the move coming sometime in the next year - the thought of having to change my email address - AND make sure I notify everyone of the new address is about all the change I can handle right now!

Then I realized that should Google take a peek at The Journey - they would yawn and move along.  After all - this dear blog deals more with the angst of work, moving, and decorating than it does sex or BDSM. 

And I realized that my life (our life) has changed from delicious decadent BDSM to vanilla - and I am trying to figure out when the hell that happened??!! 

I used to be so full of ideas / thoughts/ lectures on BDSM ............... and now - well it's like the toys we have - all packaged up in traveling cases stored in a corner of the new house.  

Before W left, we had whittled our play parties down to one event - and then only made one of those this summer.  In Kingston - before we moved there - we were attending as many munches and sloshes as we could muster - to break the ice and hopefully find a foot hold in the new community.  BUT now even that seems to have petered out to nothing.

And yes yes I know - the move is more than enough to handle at this point...... getting the house organized - getting settled is exhausting business and when the day is done we no more feel like getting all dickied up and going out to meet with like minded folks than fly.

So I guess when it comes right down to it........... The Journey is safe from disappearing into the great black void of the internet at Googles whim.  It is as far removed from a sex blog - or even an Adult blog - as it can get...............

So whether this information about Google taking down sex blogs is 'Rumour or Fact' I  guess I don't have to worry ................


  1. Don't worry. Google isn't gunning for adult blogs. Their automatic spam detectors shut down blogs on every kind of topic, and it isn't the subject matter that triggers a detection. They often go for blogs that have only just been created, with zero posts - can you imagine? I work on the Blogger help forum so I see this all the time.

    I was staying logged on to Blogger, in Firefox, and had Blogger pinned as an app tab. My blog started being deleted every 14 days, exactly when Google automatically logged me out. Once I logged back on, the blog reappeared. It had nothing to do with the fact that I have a spanking blog.

    Banjo's BBS (a spanking blog) has been deleted 5 times now, for "malicious javascript". He uses a third party template and third party gadgets. He has been told that if he gets rid of all this third party stuff, he will stop being flagged for malicious javascript.

    I hope this helps,

  2. It does indeed help Hermione!!! thank you

    BUT you do realize don't you - now that you have publicly said you work with Blogger help forum you have opened yourself up to all sorts of emails right????

    nah - not from my readers - from ME LOL

    ok - here's one for you - why can't I get the black font to work in my posts??? I was using dark grey but now that doesn't work either :(

  3. Are you using the new interface? If so, go to Templates, Advanced, then on the left side select Text Color (or link color, or whatever) then in the colour dropdown, choose black (or whatever colour you want.) Click Apply to Blog and voila!

    If you just want to apply colour to a specific word or two, in the Post editor select the text, then click on the Text Color icon (A underlined.)

    Have you been writing your posts in some other application (MS Word, for example) then pasting into Blogger? That will screw up your default font settings. You seem to have a lot of unnecessary formatting going on in your posts. If this is what you are doing, try copying and pasting into Notepad first, to strip out all the formatting. Then copy from Notepad and paste into Blogger.

  4. My original Cavern of the Beast blog was on google and shutdown. Furthermore I received an email of steps to take to have the site replenished but when I did them I was still denied. I was pretty pissed. :(
    That is why I broke down and paid for hosting. Despite my periodic paranoia and thoughts of pulling the plug, having my own little corner of the Internet world to blab away is pretty therapeutic overall.


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