Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I mentioned in passing that my daughters know about my lifestyle choice.  I am sure there were some raised eyebrows........... especially from those of you who haven't been around here very long.

For those of you who haven't suffered through one of my many posts on my daughters ... they are grown women.  They were grown women when they learned about my lifestyle.

Youngest daughter was the first to find out.  She had moved out on her own.... just down the street from me (we cut the umbilical cord in sections - over time)  She had her own key and used to drop by to do her laundry.  

When W started showing up on Fridays I had to warn her..... the very last thing I wanted was her walking in on W and me playing.  So she was told if there was a station wagon in my parking spot - to ring the bell instead of using her key. Then as time went on.. the basement where she did her laundry started to sprout various bits and pieces of BDSM equipment.... and so the story slowly came out.  I don't remember my exact words - but I do remember I made light of it.. inferred that it was just some kinky sexy stuff... and she didn't ask too many questions.  

One humorous story - one day she was talking about her boyfriend and I was listening .. and all I kept thinking was - she needs a strong male.  So I said as much.... to which she answered "Not all women need strong men Mom - some of us prefer to be the "strong" ones" 

Youngest daughter's attitude towards the lifestyle was/ is a don't ask - don't tell sort of philosophy.  I do know that at her bridal shower one of the gifts she got was a huge box packed full of various kinky toys - from cuffs to floggers.  She looked at me embarrassed - believe it or not. And we both had a fit of the giggles.

Eldest daughter was a completely different story.  She happened to show W a website she liked - and it turned out to be a somewhat kinky site.  W then showed her some other sites - and before I knew it... they were off discussing BDSM - going downstairs to inspect the toys and equipment. 

Eldest daughter is a domme - and is somewhat active in the community.  She has been to public play parties - and more than a few munches.  We have a quiet agreement that we don't play together ( I mean in the same club!!)

At some point in their growing up - there isn't an age that I can pinpoint - just a maturity level - our relationship changed from "mommy and daughters" to Mom and daughter.  They were grown up.. I had taught them all I could and like a mother bird - I stood back and let them spread their wings.  It was what I had worked towards from the day they were born... I accept (or try to accept) their choices and I expect nothing less from them. 


  1. Very nicely written and wonderful subject.
    I am very glad that you have that type of relationship with your daughters.

  2. You sound like a very good Mom. How cool that your daughter is also in the lifestyle. Must be in the genes.



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