Monday, March 07, 2011


Believe it or not - I think things are improving........ granted slowly ....... but I realized yesterday there was a slight improvement.  I vacuumed the rugs in the living room and up the stairs and the upstairs hallway and didn't collapse and sleep the rest of the day away!! I did a load of laundry too.  I even dragged the garbage out to the dump after dinner (we have a time schedule for our garbage) and despite slipping and sliding on the ice made it there and back and felt exhilarated

I groomed dear Miss Ashes (my lil female cat) who hasn't been looked at in months!!!  she purred and howled and purred some more and finally after using the scissors to get the worst of the clumps in her long hair - she climbed down off the table and strutted her stuff around.

I also realized how isolating being sick can be.. and how dependent one can become on others during an illness..... and maybe even a little jealous of everyone else's ability to come and go and be healthy.,   Yesterday Sir had said "maybe" he would come and have coffee with me in the afternoon.  He didn't make it........ things got in the way.  At first I felt lonely and yes I'll admit it .. a little bit hurt......thinking why would anyone want to come sit with me - it is so boring !!!  Then I realized that it wasn't the end of the world.  That when I really needed him - all those long nights in the hospital - He was always there for me.  It also dawned on me that I was submissive - and (slap me upside the head) I could serve him best by taking care of myself and giving him time to do what he had to do.  After all I am healing - and I can amuse myself - and I do have the television and a pile of books.   So the afternoon flew by and as much as I missed him I also saw it as the way I can serve him now...... at this moment in our lives.,.

This morning I made an appointment to go and get my hair cut tomorrow - nothing like a little uplift to the spirits.  

So as much as things are still up in the air - my body does seem to be healing - slowly,  

What a difference a day makes !!!


  1. Hurrah! May you continue to see improvement!

  2. A good day at last. Let's hope that this is the start of an upturn.


  3. Everyday's a great day girl!

  4. Good news is -- GOOD!

    Hugs, swan

  5. This was a wonderful update! :)

  6. what a beautiful positive post
    and glad you are feeling better

  7. glad to hear you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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