Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tenative step forward

Today I am going to take my first step forward back into my old life.  Granted it is only a tentative step.... but still it is a step forward.

Our BDSM community is holding a fund raiser this evening.  Warren mentioned it earlier this week... it started a longing in my soul.  But I was scared  - I haven't been planning ahead because I never know if I will have a good day or not.  But yesterday was a good day....... it seemed a strong possibility that Warren and I would be able to go ......... 

Only problem I had was what in god's name was I going to wear.  Trust me when I say all my old fet clothes are too big.. I tried on a corset - my favourite - but even tied tight - shut tight - it was still way too big.

I rummaged through my fet drawer and found 2 corsets I have never worn.. bought on speculation that one day I would lose the weight.  The day has come.  I tried the oriential red one on first........ but no it is still too small....... 

Then i laced up the black and gold one...... and oh my lord it fits !!!
Next I pulled out of my cupboard my "swishy" long black skirt...... i pulled it on and zipped it up... let go and it quite literally fell down.  sigh  Then I had a bright idea... I pulled it back up .... and pulled the corset down over the waist of the skirt...let go .. et voila !!!  the corset held it in place!!! I walked around .. I twirled .. I sat and stood.. and it stayed in place.

My outfit was settled - I'll add a black garter belt.. some black lace stockings and black leather boots and I will be ready to take those first tentative steps.

Oh yeah...... and I did look in the mirror and had the same reaction I had at the clothing store.. Who the hell is that??!!!  

So tonite Warren and I are off to the fund raiser.. I'll get to meet up with some old friends and hopefully make some new ones.  Whatever else happens - is left to the gods... (and my body)


  1. I love the bit about the corsets, it was so "Goldy locksy" :)

    Have a good time.


  2. Can we see pics? :)

  3. Hope you feel great and have a wonderful time!


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