Friday, March 18, 2011

Something different

I was thinking this morning - as I sat down to write this blog entry - my blog is as up and down as my days/ day happy - one day bitchy.  Well this is my life (as it is now) so hang on... it would appear it has been (and probably will be) a bumpy ride.

A few days ago I posted something about not shaving since December/January (who can remember) and how I thought I might be ready to get back to it.  Warren suggested that I just use scissors and trim it down.  

I thought 'what a good idea' ......... and immediately went and found the first pair of scissors I could find....

which I did.  And proceeded to try and trim my pubic hair.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking using such huge scissors - I'd get the job done faster??? Well in a way I did... after a few minutes I wasn't watching what I was doing and went snip - only to discover I had some skin tucked into the points of the scissors.  Can I say OUCH???!!!  Needless to say that ended the trimming session.

I asked Warren if he would shave me least the first time........ and he said sure the next time he was over.

Well yesterday Warren had a night meeting close to the condo.  So he suggested he could come over in the afternoon - get the shaving done - then we could go out for supper before his meeting.  

He arrived about 2:30ish ......... I had all the shaving stuff ready for him in the bedroom - including the pillows to lay my ass on (it helps to elevate it to do a good job) and the towel draped over the pillows to catch the dripping water and shaving cream.

It was a bit uncomfortable lying with my ass elevated - I keep discovering how many muscles are 'out of shape' and my back muscles are no exception.  But I managed to hold still for the half hour it took to trim and shave that mess of hair - and only at the end started to sigh and then huff and puff and finally ask if he was almost done cause my back was !!!

I didn't 'explore' the freshly shaven pussy...... I couldn't wait to get upright and stretch out my back.  So it was later last night (actually around 1 a.m. when I woke up ) that my hands slid down and ran over the smoothly shaven skin.  It felt so fresh and clean - I never find it 'sexy' per say..... I just love the feel of smooth skin.  

So there I am wide awake at 1 a.m.  (sleeping is still a problem) and I was tossing and turning and getting more angry with myself - BECAUSE - this was sleeping time - not awake time!!  When I had the bright idea to bring out the hitachi.  In the past a little masturbation session usually lulled me into that nice quiet soft place where sleep slides in unnoticed.

I am here to say it has been over 3 months since I used the hitachi - hell I had to clean the dust off it before I could use it - and plug it in - batteries dead as a door nail!  I was a little nervous - not sure if it would hurt - if it would work - was I still alive??? 

So I started on the lowest setting and just sort of rolled it around experimenting to see if any part of my body reacted positively.  It took a while - but eventually I started to feel the slow soft stirrings in my lower belly.  So I cranked that sucker up to max ........... and WOW........... zero to sixty in 30 seconds !!!  

I don't even remember getting into that nice soft peaceful place where sleep just slides in unnoticed.  I do know I woke up this morning lying on top of the hitachi - wondering why my back hurt!!!!

Another step taken towards full healing 
and my old wiggle my ass self !


I am trying something different today as well.......viemoira is doing a Non Fiction Friday thing every week.  I have entered this blog entry in her 'contest'  If you want more information on Non Fiction Friday there is a button on the side (yes the one with the boobs) that you can click and go read for yourself!!


  1. Thanks so much for playing and helping to spread the word!

    Those scissors are HUGE! I would have knicked myself too! I bet that stung...


  2. Hooray! for Hitachi!

    SCARY pair of scissors.


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