Sunday, March 20, 2011

As requested

I had a request for pics of my outfit for the party..

Now you are not gonna get to see the black garter belt or the black stockings.. because I discovered  - much to my dismay - that the garter belt - like the skirt - would not stay up - but unlike the skirt - I couldn't pleat it or tuck it under the corset to keep it up - so I wore stay up stockings.

Anyway - here is a pic of my outfit for last night................

Now ....... as I was driving over to Warren's house yesterday I wondered if maybe we could try a little play - a crop or a whip.... I played around in my head with how it would feel... would I run screaming??? or would it feel like a comfy slipper??? 

Before we headed out to the fund raiser... I asked Warren if we could bring a couple of toys - not the whole bag... just a couple of favourites.   And if the mood was just right.. and the stars were aligned just right.. maybe.. just maybe we could play??? Warren seemed pleased - enthusiastic even.  So we brought the circus whip and the crop and headed off to the party.

The party started slow....... and suddenly it hit me .. if we didn't play soon then we probably wouldn't play at all... so I turned to Warren and asked if we could try ....... and we did.... 

I'll skip most of the details .... cause they aren't that important... and all of you have read  the details of a scene ad nauseum here..  Warren said we never really got past a warm up - before I said "enough"....... and maybe it was no more than a warm up.... hopefully my levels of pain tolerance will return..... and maybe they won't...... I just know that for last night that was all I could take. 

Anyway..... Warren took a picture of me up against the "ladder" equipment ..... that is sort of arty farty and I thought I would share it with you......

All in all it was a fun time


  1. Baby steps. You've been through a lot.

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you so much!!! You look mar-vel-ous!!

  3. thanks for the are looking great. last night was a start...


  4. You look beautiful! Just stunning! And how amazing is it that you're already ready to play a little!? That's wonderful news considering everything you've been through (and still going through). I'm so very happy for you. :)

  5. Anonymous8:48 pm

    you look very pretty


  6. you look gorgeous!~

  7. Glad you had fun...and everyone is look wonderful

  8. You look lovely. I really love the second picture.

  9. Anonymous9:03 pm

    You looked great! I watched most of the scene and was impressed.

    I'm sure that if your tolerances return you guys will have no trouble getting back into things really quick!


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