Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Happy to see me??

All the talk yesterday about my dominant characteristics has been playing on my mind.  I had come to the conclusion it really wouldn't be very difficult to dominate a male - depending on - of course - what he expected from me.  And I even toyed with the idea of how much fun it might be.

From time to time at the clubs I have seen males wearing chastity devices.  I was fascinated by them..........but being me I didn't like to stare .......... so I never got a really good look.  Nor - to be honest - did I understand the point.  I mean if you are gonna play with someone it is nice to know you are "pleasing" them.  And how can you tell if your male sub is enjoying himself if there is no erection to admire???

For those of you who have never seen a male chastity device I went looking for some pics...........

Once on - it has a nice tidy look about it.........dontcha think?

Ok -  the whole point of these ramblings..............

Yesterday we went to drakor's for coffee.  He had tried negotiating how long he would stay naked after we arrived.  Well ya know (cheeky grin) if he is such a good slave - he really shouldn't try negotiating anything.  So I had made up my mind to leave him naked until I was good and ready to send him to get dressed.  (I do love to watch him squirm)

However - when I arrived - and he greeted me at the door.  I noticed (it was hard not to) that he had a small drip of precum dangling from the head of his wee tiny penis.  All I could think was "ewwwwwwww............ guess you are glad to see me!"

And immediately decided THAT was why I couldn't dom a male...... drippy dangly bits.

This morning I was fantasizing and realized IF I ever did dominate a male I would make sure he had a nice lil chastity device on at all times.  Then I wouldn't be exposed to those drippy dangly bits!!!

Women really do have much nicer private bits - we keep our excitement to ourselves !!!!


  1. i do apologize for the precum drip what was i thinking giggles. oukd be interesting as they usually leave the testicles to be tortured hmmm and what about size?

  2. I'm just glad I hadn't taken a sip of my tea before I read this post!!!!

    "drippy dangle bits"""ROFL!!!!

  3. Ordalie11:17 pm

    I love the tidiness of the second picture as opposed to the unsightly drippy dangly bits ;-))

  4. Anonymous9:34 am

    I agree, male subs belong in chastity belts.


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