Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teary Moment

I don't how many of you remember how my cat baby squirt got sick when I came home from hospital or how I had to put him down 5 days later.  

About a week later Miss Ashes went berserk at the patio door..... meowing, climbing the door then running to the living room window and back to the patio door.  I had to get up and see what was unnerving her.  She doesn't usually react to the squirrels or dogs or cats that wander by.  Outside my patio door was a cat that looked exactly like squirt.  It was unnerving even for me.  (we still see him around - but he doesn't stop on the patio anymore)

Then today I received an envelope from the Vet's office.  The immediate thought I had was that it was a statement of my bill or maybe even another bill for something.  

I opened it to find a sympathy letter from the staff at the office........ and included was a foot print from squirt...........

I can't decide if it is a wonderful gift or not.  I do know I cried harder over that lil footprint than I did when I said goodbye

Health update:

My doctor decided I wasn't strong enough to go back to work full time come Monday.  So right now I am waiting for a judgment from Human Resources - as the final papers have already been processed.


  1. It is a wonderful, though painfully evocative, gift. Treasure it.

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I agree with the wise man - it is a wonderful gift and sometimes, tears are too.


  3. Many years ago, an acquaintance who was looking after my Lurcher, whilst I was working away, made a plaster cast of his paw print. It sat in the bottom of the box, where I kept his papers, for years. Since he passed on in January, it has taken a place on my mantle piece. It has become more than a reminder, more of a symbol of the impression that he made on my life and the lives of others, as he passed through the world.

    I hope that squirt's footprint will bring you good memories one day, to replace the tears.


  4. This made me so sad. I'm sorry for your loss.

  5. What a lovely thoughtful gift.a little piece of treasure.

  6. Hugs...
    and kudos to your thoughtful and kind vet.


  7. Your vet did some real healing then.

  8. what a beautiful gesture, i wish we had one of our first husky we lost.

  9. I must say that I would cry and initially think it was horrible but probably appreciate it as time went by.

  10. When my Cynda died, I received a similar card (without the footprint), and I cried so hard.... Losing a dear companion is very hard. I'm crying with you.

  11. That is such a thoughtful gesture on their part. I wish we had something like that of our dog.


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