Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dominant traits

This morning there were a few emails back and forth between Warren myself and our friend drakor.  (we are meeting at drakor's for coffee this afternoon)

I don't know - one thing led to another and it came up that drakor was wondering if he should be naked or not.  I was feeling feisty and fired back a couple of emails re his lack of clothing and how there was nothing there to upset anyone.

Then off I went to the island to visit my preschool.  While I was gone drakor and Warren were busy emailing back and forth - knowing full well I wouldn't read it till I got home.  Both of them were feeling rather "safe" I am thinking.

Also drakor managed to bang out a blog entry where he discussed my dominant traits.

He made me smile - because the description made me reminisce and I realized that during those times that he sees the dom in me - I am usually using my "teacher persona" or my "cross mom" persona.

There have been more than a few times at play parties where submissives who don't know me have knelt in front of me (when being introduced) and gone to kiss my hand.  It always makes me very uncomfortable... and wondering what the hell I did to encourage such "devotion"   The worst time  was when a Dominant accidentally stepped on my toe and he immediately fell to his knees and apologized profusely - making an effort to kiss my foot.  I nearly slapped him (no dominant bones in this body!!)  What was wrong with these people??!!!

I have come to the conclusion that the teacher/mom persona never leaves me.  I portray an image that I honestly don't see.    And most definitely won't be anything I change any time soon..... I am who I am...just a  tough old bird !


  1. I think it is inevitable that we absorb the persona of our employment into our core persona - or perhaps that is why we remain with our profession. It is our core persona.

  2. and a nice tuff old bird.


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