Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who is THAT???

I have always had a problem with clothes shopping..... I like my clothes BIG.... Oh there are a whole lot of reasons for that.. a therapist would has had a hay day working on that little problem........ but there comes a point when big clothes are too big.

And I had reached that point when I came out of hospital.  One of the frustrating things for me - in the summer I invested (and anyone who has bought a bra lately knows exactly what I mean by "investing") in 2 new bras.  They were (yes I am gonna tell you!!) a 44D.  But since I have started strapping them on again - I realize they were way tooo big.  And my underpants were ready for suspenders to keep them up.  

So off I went yesterday to buy some new underwear.  

I started with bras - and actually succumbed to the pressure from the salesgirl to measure me (I hate the personal attention one gets at lingerie shops) BUT I realized I had no idea what size I was now..... so I sucked it up and let her measure away.  No wonder my new bras are collapsing... I am now a 40C.  So I got my new bra.  Panties too.. they were easy I knew my hip size.

Then I decided if I am going back to work in a week and a half I probably should get a pair or two of new trousers..... and a top or two.  (Holding my pants up with one hand while trying to work with children is not the best working conditions!!)

I had a couple of pairs of pants in my hand when the salesgirl asked me what size I thought I was.  (re-read the joke above) She frowned at me and said I needed a much smaller size than what I had in my hand.  I looked at her like she had a screw loose - or two.   BUT I let her pick the sizes.......for the pants and the tops.  I figured ok... I will try them on and then go bigger.

The first thing I tried on were a pair of black jeans - and a cute lil top.  Oh and you should know that I don't look at mirrors too much - I never much liked what I saw I guess.  

I walked out of the changing room turned to my left and walked towards the mirror at the end of the hallway.  I was looking and looking and kept thinking "Who is that??!!"  It just didn't look like me.  The salesgirl was standing behind me grinning from ear to ear.  And for the first time (I think - ever!!)  I believed her when she said "that looks great on you!!"

For those of you curious I have dropped from a 2X to a size 16!!  

I left the shop with those black jeans and a pair of grey dress pants and 3 tops.  

Today I am gonna clean up all those BIG clothes and store them away in the back of a closet..... and proudly hang my new clothes.  I think for the first time ever I am happy in my skin ... can look in a mirror.. and see the real woman looking back.


small tip - did you know that there is a way to keep black from fading??? 
The salesgirl told me to soak the jeans overnight in 2cups of vinegar and water.  Then when I wash them to wash them inside out.
Just thought you might be interested!



  1. Would have loved to see you wearing those panties with suspenders, hope you saved a pair ☺


    PS: Just next time you lose your weight do it another way, this way was too tiring...

  2. LOL I agree with Warren..Congrats, but you really did it the hard way! It will be interesting when you return to school!

  3. Congratulations!

    I know the feeling, I went from a 2X to an 18 myself (but not the difficult route you took). Even though I knew I was an 18 I had to try on each size, 22, 20, then 18, before I would belive it.

    I hope all your energy comes roaring back soon.

  4. Yay you, hot mama!

  5. Next time, get the sales girl to take a shot of you and post it here. I would have liked to see you in those clothes (and out of them too, of course, but that goes without saying.)

    And I like that joke!

  6. Rhonda8:14 pm

    Try Woolite Dark - my sons turned me on to it back when they wore nothing BUT black, and now i use it for so much of my dark colored clothing. Gentle on the clothes and NO Fading!! Congrats on loving your new look, and on your improving health!


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