Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok so the plan my family doctor and I came up with on Wednesday went like this.. a new diet to follow (like no dairy - logical right??? first thing you learn about diarrhea is cut out dairy - however no one at the hospital seemed to know that one!!)  some new pills to swallow and to return to work part time - mornings only for a couple of weeks.

This plan would keep me on insurance - so if things went south again I would still get paid.  It made perfect sense to me.

So I called Human Resources - explained the situation.... and waited for them to form a committee and come to a conclusion on this plan.

So late yesterday afternoon I got a call from HR.  They decided that I couldn't return 'progressively' to work.  They suggested I stay home until such time as I am "cured"  Yeah right......... 

So for now I am home 

Now I need a new plan....... cause on my good days I get so damn bored sitting around the house.  

One thought I had - 
this morning I was wondering around blog land and came across a blog called 365... basically the idea is to take a picture a day from something in your day.  (follow that??)  So I am thinking I will start dragging my camera around with me and seriously start taking pictures and working on my photography....... so watch the lists for a new link called 365 - and you can check out my picture taking ability (which hopefully will improve over the year)

Another thought I had -
I love this new body of mine.. and have lost another 1/2 inch off my hips ... spring is around the corner - teasing us with the odd mild day - so maybe it is time to get off my ass and get out there and start walking with purpose. 

So there you have it...... 'when life hands you lemons' blah blah blah...... my new life plan.


  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    We leared the hard way last spring (24 days in the hospital)that what they don't know in a hospital will fill a library. Each individuasl, no matter how well educated, knows only what they have been taught. It was only after I called the CDC was I able to get them to stop using alcohol based cleaners and hand sanitizers and switch to soap, water and bleach - his illness-y germs were not killed by alcohol (he had been there 2 weeks by this point) and were being re-spread around. They were also continuing to use children's liquid Tylenol after it had been recalled - I had to request they stop using that also...

    As for you - do what feels right, take advantage of this time you have to discover new and rediscover old things that you enjoy. Find what really works for you, what makes *you* the individual feel better. Embrace each day and welcome each new adventure. Hopefully you will be the you that you should be soon.


  2. Anonymous3:12 pm


  3. Shame about your work, a graduated return would probably have been a lot better option.

    As for your idea about getting out and about for a walks, when the weather allows, have you considered volunteering as a dog walker at your local animal sanctuary? I have been doing this some weekends lately but the problem for the 2 sanctuaries that I have gone to is that they get lots of people for the weekend (like me, I can only do weekends), sometimes more than they have dogs and not enough in the week. If you are not allowed to work it might be worth considering. If you do decide to do this though I would let the sanctuary know that, due to health matters, you might have difficulties with hard to control dogs that want to walk at a million miles an hour (Dingo, you know who you are!).

    You get your walk, the dog gets out and about for a while. Two birds one stone kind of thing.


  4. My Hubby/Master has been having issues with dairy since his gal bladder out...

  5. magdala - you are very right. Every person has in them some ability to find their own cures. When I feel ill I go to the food cupboard and look around at everything in it. Sometimes something will say "yes" for me, so I eat that. Sometimes I have to visit the market. If nothing - well, eat as little as possible, tough it out as long as possible.

    My dogs refuse to eat their food when they feel unwell, and they will search the grassy areas to find exactly the type of grass they need to help them recover. We have that same ability if we don't give up our power to the professionals.

  6. Both plans sound like great ideas! I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of both of them. I also hope you get well enough to return to work soon.


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