Friday, March 11, 2011

2 weeks to go

Ok... so as it stands ... I have 2 weeks before I return to work.  Problem is I have no energy - or very little of it.  

I know the remedy - besides following the diet for the bowel problem - I have to eat more protein and exercise to build muscle mass.  

On Wednesday - being me - I made up my mind to start exercising more and get those muscles working again (never mind the fact I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all that saggy flesh - ewwwwwww)

So I decided to do some easy peasy yoga..........

I used to do yoga all the time - it is great for old joints - and flexibility... as well as toning.  So I spent 30 minutes on Wednesday sitting on the floor doing all sorts of stretching exercises.  When I finished I considered a hot bath to loosen up the muscles.  BUT I hadn't even worked up a sweat - nothing really hurt - so I skipped the bath.

Thursday morning I woke up early and went to swing my legs out of bed..... and nearly died.  The burning of muscle pain went from my thighs up into my ass.... and sent "do NOT move "  messages to my brain!!  

Once I got going I was ok (not perfect but ok)... but sitting for even 5 minutes and trying to stand was absolute agony.  Warren thoroughly enjoyed my discomfort and if my ass/thighs were within poking distance He gleefully poked and prodded the tight screaming muscles.  Even my surgeon had a chuckle over my discomfort - as he lectured me to exercise BUT without over doing it!!

Today I decided I was limber enough to try some more exercises - not yoga today though.  Today I found the 5 pound dumb bells and did some arm exercises.  Only 2 sets of 10 (even I knew I couldn't manage the third set).  

Tomorrow I may have both arms hanging loosely - uselessly - at my sides.  But I only have 2 weeks to get my energy back...........


  1. I can hardly wait and see how far those arms will be hanging tomorrow and with a planed visit to the Grandkids ☺


  2. Seems things are looking up. Well wishes your way!

  3. I am glad to hear you are moving again. Sorry that it is so difficult. I know you are feeling stressed as the time ticks away, but you are going to have to take it a little easy. It will work itself out. Try to be patient.

    hugs, swan


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