Monday, December 13, 2010

Soft and gentle.

I am not by nature a flamboyant person. I am not quirky (well not as quirky as I may seem in writing)

For the most part I prefer to melt into the background... to be there but not the center of attention.

The perfume I wear is a delicate fragrance that does not overpower..... it softly and gently wafts by your nose - making you stop and wonder what perfume and who is wearing it. I wear the same perfume every day... every single day. Once I had someone say they smelled my perfume one day out shopping and they turned to look for me.

It is I guess my signature.

Yesterday I received an email from Warren. At the end of the email he wrote " I can still smell you".

It made me stop and smile. It made me feel good. It was the best way of telling me he missed me.

Words soft and gentle - the best words ever !

(Oh and for those of you curious - the perfume I wear is a good match for my personality as well........ cheeky grin .......... it is Angel)


  1. Awww.... I love it when Jack tells me he can still smell me.
    I don't wear perfume everyday as too many kids I work with have issues with scents, but when I do, I wear the same one .... Red. (LOL ... yes, mine fits me as well!)

  2. Ordalie1:37 am

    Which Angel? I went to Thierry Mugler's site, there are 36 possibilities!

  3. LOL ...... the original one just plain Angel.....


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