Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of Bottoms

I read ...over on Fetlife... that "our" private club up in Ottawa has decided to hold an impromptu New Year's Eve gala. They are calling it the 'Snow Ball' ....... and are encouraging everyone to dress to the theme ... or in formal wear.

Immediately an idea ... a plan.... started to form in my lil brain. Now before when I was submissive ..... the ideas/plans would form.......but I always felt hesitant to bring them up....... hinted at them.. went round and round dropping hints... and it used to drive me nuts !!!

Now as a bottom...... I don't have the restraints (excuse the pun) of being submissive. So as the plan formed I emailed Warren .. sent him the link to the 'Snow Ball' and suggested that I would very much like to make a romantic weekend of it.... I would find a romantic hotel to stay at... I would wear my white corset and white stockings, and suggested he could wear one of his formal outfits (one being the traditional tux - the other being his formal kilt attire)

Now granted - he could still say "no way"........ but I had the freedom of expression and that felt damn good !!

Warren didn't say "no way" .. So I went and found a gorgeous romantic hotel suite for the 31st....... and sent off an rsvp for the Ball.

To me ........ New Year's Eve should be spent with someone you care for and the more romantic the better...... AND if you can do all that in an atmosphere of other kinky folk ...... you have the makings for a GREAT evening !!!

So this afternoon Warren and I are heading off for a romantic evening of spankings and friends........ and then some romantic time in a romantic hotel. I promise to tell you all about it on Sunday.

Yesterday ..... I spent the day taking down all the Christmas decorations. It takes me a couple of weeks to get everything up.. and just right..... and then I wonder why it takes me so long to take it all down!!

But seeing all the decorations crowding the dining room table.. with bins crowding the living floor waiting to be packed up and put away - is enough incentive to get it done right quick!!

I want to come home from our romantic getaway to a clean and tidy house.. start the New Year off on the right foot...........

Bottoms up !!


  1. I hope you have an absolute ball (yes pun intended). I agree new years is a time for making special memories with those you love, revel in each other. I hope that 2011 brings you all that you wish for.

  2. Have a wonderful getaway weekend!

    This is our undecorating weekend. So many boxes!



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