Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have just put in two terrible horrible no good days.

First there was the forecast of snow flurries that turned into a major snow storm that is still huffing and puffing outside my windows. Then my integrity was questioned. Then a very small person tried to use me to make herself feel bigger.

I came home storming - worse than the storm buffeting my car. I was gonna write.. and write and write.. tell you all my tale of woes...

BUT.. somewhere between the last stop sign and my warm living room I decided that snow makes the whole world look like Christmas, that I know my integrity is intact and to hell with those that doubt it... and small people who need to feel big by "owning a parking space" in a huge parking lot, can have the damn spot.. I am a bigger person than that... than all of it.

So I went downstairs and dragged the Christmas tree up to the living room...moved furniture around.. and started to decorate.

And the most amazing thing happened .. between the candle lights going on.. and the hand picked decorations... and finally - lastly the angel on top.... all the anger was gone.

So now I am sitting peacefully snuggled up on the sofa.. admiring my tree.. and smiling at my male cat curled up contentedly underneath the boughs ...

Life is very good when you know who you are and have nothing to prove


  1. Reading here this time of year is therapeutic for bah humbug me. I always remember the true meaning of Christmas- and for that I thank you!

  2. I still haven't put up a tree or any decorations. I suck.


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