Thursday, December 30, 2010

This That and the Other thing

I haven't done a bouncing ball entry in a long while....... and as I have bits and pieces floating around in my addled brain today - and not one of the bits equals a full entry ....... I decided it was time to do a "bouncing ball" blog entry..

Today is the 30th...... (in case you hadn't looked at a calendar for a while) I said.. promised??... on the 1st of December that I would post an entry here every day in the month of December - I did pretty well actually - I only missed one day - the 10th (and for the life of me I have no idea why)

The interesting thing to me.. about posting every day versus every other day or so.. is that my number of daily readers has gone up. HUGELY. I wonder does it become a habit to drop by here daily ?? And so when I only write 3 or 4 times a week you get out of the habit ?? I don't believe I have brought in new readership with my December babblings..... so I am left wondering how/why I have jumped (and am averaging) 60 more readers a day.....

Curious and curiouser


And anyone who says blogging is silly .. or doesn't accomplish anything... or isn't a community... I invite you to attend a New Year's Eve party at Boxer's Blog. Now please remember this is a vanilla blog - so we all have to behave - no floggers or whips please !!

I do think it is an interesting concept..... and will be watching to see how it works...
It certainly beats watching the ball drop...... well for me anyway.

OH and the whole concept of an online New Year's Eve party prompted me to change the decorations around here from stale Christmas to sparkly New Year's Eve....


Stale Christmas brings me to my day yesterday....... I ventured out into the world of shoppers with that gift card that will shrink monthly if I don't use it... and a desperate need to find a 2011 Calendar. (silly thing is.. most Christmases I get one if not two calendars.......this year none. )

Honestly ........ don't people work anymore between Christmas and New Years??!! I honestly thought it would be quiet in the shops yesterday. Shoot me now ok?? I couldn't find parking.. the shops were crowded and there were no decent sales... the merchandise looked dirty and picked over... and people were rude and pushy.

It was a most disheartening shopping trip. I came home with a bath sheet an ironing board cover and (thankfully) a very nice Zen Calendar for 2011. Though I still have money on the gift card.... I am not sure I wish to try the mall again before they claw back the first $2.50


Now something I haven't talked about here... cause it is like a dirty lil secret....
I was so frustrated and stressed from shopping.. I stopped and picked up a fast food lunch - hamburger, french fries, and soft drink. That in itself isn't so bad.. BUT ... having finished my forbidden lunch (remember gallbladder diet??) I then set to and virtually polished off a cherry cake !! YES YES I can be a binge eater (hanging my head)

Within a couple of hours of that binge eating..... forbidden foods .... my gallbladder was swollen and hard and pressing against my ribs. BAD BAD me!! I drank lots of water and went back to eating styrofoam - better known as rice cakes... and today will remain on the strict diet in hopes of shrinking the gallbladder.

Hard way to learn the lesson about binge eating


Oh and I think a little word about yesterday's blog might be in order. Especially for those of you who don't remember the "Yes Miss" blog I had for a short time..

drakor - our dear friend and ally - loves humiliation play.... especially if that humiliation play is centered around his small dick.

Yesterday's blog was an attempt to feed his need for humiliation. Unfortunately I missed the mark.........drakor admitted it didn't do much for him.. giving me only a B in effort and most of you found him "adorable" and some even tried to assuage his discomfort by telling me size didn't matter but how he used it.

For the record I have never seen / experienced how he does or does not use it..... for a number of reasons. BUT truthfully after years of playing with my toys.. a mediocre dick like his - no matter how well used it might be - holds no interest for me.

drakor is now plying me with ideas for Christmas light bondage and various other forms of humiliation. (sigh) Poor boy never did get the whole "topping from the bottom" annoys me no end.


I think I am running out of things to share......I do have one bright idea.. about a Snowball Gala and the joys of not being submissive - but only a bottom... but I will save that for tomorrow. I do believe I can get a whole blog entry out of that one.. and perhaps even tease you all a little bit.. and bring you back for more.......

Until then........

the bouncing ball has stopped bouncing !


  1. I anoyed you oh goodie for me. did you ever read shakspear and a character name of Puck hmmm could be my grandpa

  2. drakor - annoy me = ignore you

    shrug..... sometimes it sucks to be a SAM

  3. I would venture the think perhaps the increase in your readersip may have more to do with the increasing "rebonding" of you and Warren. ;)
    Just my 2 cents.


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