Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I received many wonderful gifts from staff, parents, family and friends this Christmas. I am one lucky lady !!!

But there is one gift in particular that I want to rant about this morning........

My new staff took up a collection and bought me the above pictured gift card to the Fairview Mall here in the Great White North. Fairview is a huge multi store mall.......

Once many years ago I bought my eldest daughter a gift card from Cadillac Fairview malls.. only to be charged a whooping fee for purchasing it. I wrote letters (to no avail) and then vowed NEVER to purchase a gift from them again. Store gift cards (at least the ones I have bought - do NOT charge the purchaser an additional fee) I could only hope when I opened this one for me - that the policy had changed and my staff were not charged this additional purchasing fee.

This morning, as I was sipping my first cup of coffee of the day, and planning out my day, I thought about the gift card and what I might go and purchase with it. I went and found the card (I had stashed it away safely until after the festivities) and looked at the back to see a) how much I had to spend and b) when it expired.

There was all this legalize writing in VERY small print - in french on the back. (Honestly so small that I had to go on line and find the card and read the "terms and conditions" online) I thought I had read on my small card something about a monthly fee being deducted from the gift card (plus applicable taxes) every month. It was small and in french - so I was sure..... SURE !! ...... I must have misunderstood.

Well I didn't. Apparently Cadillac Fairview will deduct $2.50 a month from my card plus applicable taxes - until such time as the card reaches $0. No wonder the card doesn't have an expiration date........ the expiration date is automatic - whenever it reaches $0 ............. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am spitting tacks here.

Have you EVER heard of such a thing???!!!! I am enraged! I am infuriated! If I could I would return the card for a full refund and damn their $2.50 a month....... but of course I can't.

I will write Cadillac Fairview ....... again.......... knowing full well that nothing will come of it..... and perhaps I will post something on Facebook - I hear from Warren that some big manufacturers / shops /etc actually read Facebook - and have accounts there... People should be warned ..... read the small print.. read it very carefully - because the gift you give may just give back to the shop rather than the gift recipient.

(now I am putting my soap box away - and going to get ready to go shopping and empty this particular gift card before the store claws back $2.50 plus applicable taxes)


  1. Anonymous1:14 am

    In the states that is common practice, however, that fee normally only starts after 13 months.
    I agree the fees are ignorant!

  2. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I live in California, one of three states that have made this practice illegal. So if you want to buy and use cards, Cali, Hawwaii, and Mass. here in the states. Everywhere else, you get the same thing. I'd be up on that soap box with you!


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