Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Season

The Christmas parties started last night. My staff and I went out for dinner. Everyone was fussing over what to wear ... and when to get changed.. some of the girls I work with came in in the afternoon all dolled up to go to dinner because they didn't think they would have time to change before hand.

WOW!! From staff to "babes" what a transformation!! Make up .. sparkly clothes and more bling than anyone could imagine. I felt like a plain jane in my working clothes.

BUT I had a plan. Don't I always???

I planned to wear my new Santa Claus suit complete with Santa Hat

I arrived early and the restaurant was nearly empty. When I took my coat off the wait staff and the few customers all laughed. And there were more than a few comments about Santa Claus and sitting on knees and wish lists...

Most of my staff saw the good natured humour in my outfit...... though to be expected there were a few grinches who just sort of frowned at me.

Because I don't normally drink...... unless it is an "occasion" .. and now with the gall bladder don't touch the stuff....... it was interesting to watch the reactions of my staff to the "free" wine. One girl even claimed a whole bottle of white wine for her own...... and plunked it down in front of her.... not sharing with anyone. "What is a party without wine?" she asked. I had a comment on the tip of my tongue but remembered the spirit of the season and bit it.

The whole evening went off better than I expected (though a number of them planned to continue partying at a local bar) I bid them all a fond farewell after dinner and headed home. This Santa Claus was pooped!!

Tonite Warren and I are heading off to our first (of three) BDSM Christmas parties. This will be my first play party in........... in.......... god I forget how long. Definitely 6 weeks - since the start of the gall bladder saga. I am a bit anxious about the "play" part..... but I promised at the first sign of pain I will tell him and we will stop. (God I hope I can get back into the swing of things.. I feel as though something inside me has died... no cravings, desires or needs ..... has the day finally come?? the dreaded day when my body no longer responds to outside stimuli - shall we say??)

Anyway....... I plan to wear a black corset and black thigh stockings with knee high boots ......... and of course the Santa coat and hat to top it all off and get everyone (I hope) into the holiday mood.

Yes the party season is in full swing........ gotta love the holidays !!!


oh yes .. for those of you interested... I had a call from the hospital and the surgeon again on Thursday. My pre-op tests are scheduled for Jan 10th and the surgery is scheduled for February 14th - yup Valentine's day !!! This is actually great planning.. as it falls just before our spring break - which means technically I will get an extra 5 days off - with full pay - to take when I want !! Good planning doc!!)


  1. I bet you make a GORGEOUS Santa!
    (What do I get when I tell you i've been naughty?! hahahahahahaha)

  2. you are gonna be all kinds of hot for the party! good luck on your surgery too- i know it will go perfectly!~<3


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