Friday, December 03, 2010


I started to put up some Christmas decorations .... I started to think about menus.. I started to think about Christmas baking.....

And then I did the one thing.. the most important thing ... I called youngest daughter and asked when I could have the grandkids...... not for the whole day as in the past. A day filled with decorating the tree, and the house.... making gingerbread houses whose roofs inevitably slide off before they go home... making decorations ... playing in the snow.......... A full day.

This year we are going to compromise. The kids can't come till the 18th - and I want my tree up way before then !!! So far there is no snow. And me thinks no self demolishing gingerbread houses. BUT we will still find stuff to do at granny's house... maybe even Grumps (otherwise known as Warren) will be convinced to drag out the Christmas train and set it up downstairs in the now playroom.

This year there will be 3 .... the baby will be granny's challenge. BUT hey .. I have done babies before I can do babies again........ right??

And as I sit and plan the day...... (and wonder if we will be able to squeeze in a play party after the grandkids have gone home) I realize that the best part of Christmas.. the very best part....... is family. Gathering the grandkids and the kids around... sitting and watching the confusion and trying to hear over the noise and commotion.... hearing the squeals of delight.. and the look of awe on their faces... knowing that in all this fast paced time of celebration....... that there is comfort to be found in the touch of a small hand.

Christmas is hope and comfort.

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