Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party #2

Have you all been waiting for today's blog entry on last night's BDSM Christmas party???

I am here to report it was great fun!! It made me think of my mom's words "you make your own fun". The club (not one of my favourites btw) had changed, I would say 90% of their equipment had disappeared and been replaced with love seats, chairs, sofas, AND a flat screen television that was playing porno. Have I ever told you I HATE porno - mainly because I guess it embarrasses me... but still...

I went to have a cigarette pretty soon after we arrived. I met up with Sir Kira (one of the Sirs from the summer - and in case I hadn't reported here - the 2 Sirs aren't together anymore) She and I were chatting about the changes of the club - and I realized that Warren and I should just bite the bullet so to speak - go and play and then head home.

And that is exactly what we did. We played on the big cross in the larger of the play rooms... My nerves were stretched pretty thin .. wondering if I was gonna enjoy it.. tolerate it... get off on the play. I needn't have worried. I did kinda /sorta warn Warren after a couple of hits.. that there wasn't nearly as much flesh on the hips or ass anymore... and then things improved immensely.

Warren got to try out the two new toys he bought about 6 weeks ago....... and I loved.. LOVED.. the small braided whip he bought... it stung so nicely.... intense stinging ... but invigorating at the same time.

There was lots of whipping and flogging .. and then my new knife came out to play. It hurt so good !!! I even asked if Warren would turn me around so my breasts could be played with and of course he was only to happy to oblige. At times I watched as the knife carved patterns over my breasts - but most of the time I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pain.

Once we were done playing we had a quick drink - packed up and came home. This club is not high on our "gotta go again" list.

The play stations were so close together that a bondage/suspension scene going on beside us was so close that one of the dominants who was flogging the bondage victim actually had to stand just behind the cross I was on.. the bondage victim was being twirled around and a couple of times she accidentally kicked Warren. One of the sofas was so close to the cross that Warren nearly hit the spectators sitting on it.

I wasn't the only "Santa" that showed up... and that was VERY ok. I felt a little funny wearing the santa coat - even though it was over my black corset. Oh yeah .. and talking about the corset. When we were having our quick drink before heading home... the corset was biting into my side causing me discomfort around the gall bladder area.... so it came off and the Santa coat was zipped up to hide my nakedness. I am going to have to have a new black corset made ....... this one is over 10 years old.. was inexpensive when I bought it.. and now has bends in it that right now dig in to places I don't want pinched.

Despite the few problems it was a good night....... we 'made our own fun' - and that's all that is important isnt' it??!!

Now for your viewing pleasure.......... Here are the marks left by the knife......

OH and if you check below - where the comment button is.. you will see a new choice - a "reaction button" I have tried it and it seems you need to hold the click for a second or two to get it to "take" Just thought I would make it a little easier for those of you who don't want to leave a comment but do have a reaction...... (cheeky grin) I am a whore for comments can't you tell???

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