Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boringly busy

I made a promise that I would try and post every day in December. The only problem with making a promise like that is coming up with something to say every day,

Like today,...... it has been a boringly busy couple of days...... I have made 3 cranberry loaves,.. 3 banana bread loaves.. and 3 dozen snickerdoodle cookies. Besides work and finishing the Christmas wrapping. Not exactly earth shattering news is it???

But as much as I am working like mad to get ready for Christmas - the list of "to do's" isn't getting much shorter. The one thing I have to do.. HAVE TO... is take a run out to the "island" and check on my Preschool. (yes I own and run a preschool) I haven't been out this year - between one thing and another.. and they are in a new space... and good lord Christmas is almost here.... shame on me!!!

I need to do some Christmas grocery shopping..... find peach preserves.. cause I have a new recipe I want to try as a ham glaze..... and I saw the cutest.. and I do mean cutest !!! cake for Christmas. It's an igloo with lil tiny penguins. I couldn't help but think what a change from Yule logs.. AND how much the grandkids would love it. (For the adults I have peppermint cheese cake and red velvet cheese cake)
And of course the baking I have managed to get done....... oh lord I just remembered.. I have to make some shortbread cause I know "someone special" who loves shortbread!!!

So life goes on around here.. busy.. boringly busy. Hopefully inspirational writing will reappear tomorrow........

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  1. Do the shortbread for that special someone for his birthday...


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