Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy part 2

I was thinking this morning (due to an email exchange with Warren about the weekend activities) just how much I have to get done between now and Dec 25th. It is almost scary.. and panicky... and stressful.

When I don't look at the big picture.. just what I have to get done today.. I am ok.. but when I look at the BIG picture............ is there some place I can hide till it all blows over????

My biggest problem I think.. is that usually school lets out a few days before the 24th (which is when I do Christmas with the whole family and extended family) at 11:00 am may I add.. cause of babies and other's schedules!! BUT this year I work till 4:00 pm on the 23rd...... which means quite simply I have to be so well organized by the 23rd that come the 24th I just have to get dressed - basically.

Don't get me wrong...... I still love Christmas.. and wouldn't postpone or cancel or change one little thing about it !! BUT I am busy......... and of course stupid me decided to have this Christmas party for 150 kiddies at school.. and sometime between now and next Wednesday I have to get 6 cakes baked - because - brilliant me - decided that part of the party HAD to be a cake decorating contest (ok ok shoot me now !!)

Men......... now they try to understand they do .. I know that !! But they don't get how much work goes into pulling a holiday together......... they don't. Besides all the special activities - parties and entertaining and food and baking and shopping and gift wrapping........ there is still the usual mundane stuff that needs doing.. like laundry and house cleaning (especially when you have 2 cats who are trying for the Guinness Book of Records for the most hair balls) and grandkids who are so highly allergic to cats that a clean house is a MUST.

I won't say "Christmas bah hum bug!" BUT it would be nice if someone could add a few extra hours to each day..... and find me some energy to keep going through those extra hours...........

I think I need some sub space... bad.......... and I know I can have some - for the taking - on Saturday night....... after the grandkids have been here wrecking havoc in the house all day............

Honest true I am not bah hum bugging.. honest true I'm not !!!


  1. I will say BAH HUMBUG for you then...

    Why do women think Men don't understand? Why do women make so much of just a day??


  2. Ordalie1:26 pm

    Why do you heap so many chores on your timetable? It's completely unreasonable!


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