Saturday, December 04, 2010


We - that is Warren and I - have plans today. BIG plans. Exciting plans. Christmas plans.

We are going to the States for the day .......... to .............. do.............

Christmas shopping!!!

Ok ok I can hear some of you groaning.. I can even hear gnashing of teeth. But hang on a second. This is really truly no stress Christmas shopping. First off I am almost finished my shopping. sort of.. kind of... and I sort of.. kind of.. know what I am looking for ... sort of... kind of... if I can find it.

But today's shopping trip is more like a tradition. Warren and I go to the States every year around this time and poke and browse around the shops - looking to see if we can find any bargains.. anything special that you just can't find in the Great White North........ and we talk and laugh and yeah sometimes I get bitchy (but only when I am tired and the day is over and Warren wants to do one more shop!! - Have I ever told you how much Warren LOVES shopping???!!)

Christmas for me anyway is all about tradition. Oh the traditions may change a little each year - like my themes for Christmas change every year. But there are some engraved in stone traditions that don't change. Like the garland around my fireplace - the poinsettia gracing the house - the Christmas tree (which has gotten smaller over the years) sitting in front of the living room window - the Christmas music - the Christmas Eve buffet with the family.

Tradition that is what makes Christmas special for me.. It isn't the day with all the confusion and noise and presents and wrapping paper flying everywhere. It isn't getting gifts.. It is the quiet special times before Christmas - getting ready for the day ... wrapping the gifts on the floor in front of fire (the on the floor bit now makes my back ache and my knees lock up - but it IS tradition!!) It is quietly putting the special little Christmas touches around the house. It is holding my family close to my heart. It is remembering all the wonderful Christmases that have long since been relegated to fond memories. It is shedding tears over Christmas songs that make my heart so full it spills over.

And so it is with this shopping trip today to the States. It has become tradition. Even if I don't find the special gift.. even if I only come home with groceries. It is a day spent with a loved one, laughing and talking and sharing secrets, and yeah even bitching when I get tired. It is part of the Christmas tradition that makes my holiday so special.


  1. morningstar.........thankyou,
    your post has given me another reason to feel a bit more festive than i did, and served as a reminder of good and not so good celebrations of the past as i think of traditions we have.
    :) hugs and light

  2. have a wonderful time!~<3

  3. I hope you had a pleasant shopping trip (and a successful one!)


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