Monday, December 06, 2010


YES I am having a crisis - a major crisis - a "I can't think or move" crisis - a "HELP ME" crisis.

I was bragging I had almost finished my Christmas shopping ......... and I have...


and that picture doesn't show a couple of gifts - cause big daughter reads here and I don't want to ruin the Christmas surprise.. It also doesn't include the "Santa key" I bought for the lil grandbabies - nor the granny recorded "Twas the Night before Christmas" book for all the grandkids....


I am missing a gift for someone very special in my life... a grinch of huge proportions who refuses.. REFUSES... to give me any ideas or hints or suggestions for a Christmas gift!!! AND just to increase my crisis / stress levels he has a birthday 3 days AFTER Christmas !!!!

Who is it I am talking about ?? Who do you think - pffffffffffft - Warren of course!!!

And he wonders so innocently what it is he does that stresses me !!!!

I have an idea...... I think it is a good idea....... but I would have to give it to him for both Christmas AND his birthday .......... and I have always tried to stay away from doing that.. cause his memories of Christmas / birthday are memories of the two days mixing together and neither one being all that special :(

But then when I think about the idea......... I wonder if it is such a good idea.. maybe it would be a waste.. he doesn't really need it... sort of another gadget/toy for him to muck around with and maybe loose interest in a month..........

ohhhhhhhhh what to do ... what to do???!!!

( oh yeah - I also have to find something for the ex-husband who always shares special occasions with us.......but I can always get him a gift certificate)


  1. you got Me My present this weekend, remember??

    If what you are thinking of getting is that big ( $$ ) that it must be shared over Christmas and Birthday then save your $$.

    Just knowing you wanted to and you being there is more than enough for Me...

    Warren ( Grinch )

  2. My birthday is four days before Christmas and the whole "this is for your birthday and Christmas" thing really really sucks. I say go back to the drawing board and think of something else.

  3. Reading between the lines I reckon you already gave Warren his Christmas present!!!

    I am quoting from your blog yesterday "For the record - we had a glorious day. We laughed and shopped and poked around. We held hands, I walked with his arm warmly draped over my shoulders, we kissed, it was all and more than I dreamed. ...But the very best part of yesterday - was time... the time we spent together. And the closeness we are finding again."

    You see, I reckon you gave him EXACTLY what he wanted when you chose to spend a whole, wonderful day with him. Perhaps that's all you need to offer again?

    Ana :-)

  4. Most often, the best gifts we can give is our time ... and ourselves.
    I believe that may be the way to go.

  5. go for the toy/gadget. Men love gadgets.

  6. mozart9:48 pm

    And booze. Always give men consumables.


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