Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend.. despite the sniffles and coughs.. Warren and I were suffering from.

I managed to have everything ready by Thursday night.. and virtually only had to shower Friday morning - pop the food in the oven and I was ready for the family to arrive.

It was really a wonderful day with the kids and grandkids.. lots of food and laughter and even more presents and wrapping paper....

Yesterday I went home with Warren and last night we went to friend's of Warren's for a traditional Christmas dinner - turkey mash potatoes and dressing.

For your viewing pleasure (or not) here are some shots of Christmas here at "granny's"

exhaustion after the excitement!!
Let's do it again........
Next year !!


  1. Ordalie1:10 pm

    Very beautiful pictures!

  2. Looks like everything came together lovely!


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