Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret lover

My eyes open......... the clock blinks 2:00 am. The bed feels big and empty. It is semi dark outside - the moon glistening off the snow casts a fairy-like hue over the world... sneaking in the window.

I curl on my side and watch the clock tick off the minutes.

I feel his hand running down my back ... fairy touches, tickles, against my bare skin. He finds the spot at the base of my spine and runs a finger over it applying pressure ... softly .. causing my blood to pound in my head. I hold my breath. He is back.

Gently he rolls me over on my back....... spreads my legs........ finds my clit and presses it, pulls it, twists and turns it. He whispers in my ear, "don't move!" and I don't.

His cock rubs against my pussy ......... moving up and down against the lips, spreading them gently - not entering - just teasing. Then the head of the cock moves to my clit again. I am not moving. My hands reach up and grab the pillows and hang on. My heart is beating faster and my blood is quite literally boiling.

The cock slides into me...... and again the whispered words "don't move" and my hands turn to fists in the softness of the pillows. I almost hold my breath in an effort not to move.........not to move with the slow thrusts from the cock.

There is a fire in my pussy, and a wetness that has been long absent...... a desire I thought was gone. My pussy vibrates, I vibrate. My head pounds........ my eyes are closed and I see fireworks bursting behind the lids. I have to move..... have to. Dare I??

I hear a song playing softly in my mind......... "Let's make a night to remember, January to December, let's make love to excite us, memory to ignite us, let's make honey baby soft and tender, let's make sugar darling - sweet surrender"

And then my body is arching upwards as the cock pounds deep inside me........ and I have no control........ I am not holding back - I don't want this to end.........

And then it is over ...... and I am lying breathless and sweating feeling sated and suddenly tired.............

and as my eyes close I know I am alone in the big bed.


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