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Is there a natural conflict between D/s and the modern world??

If you look at the principles of a D/s relationship you will find a huge connection to the way things were...... in the 50's and before. The female.. or the sub.. gives over certain rights (depending on the relationship) and caters totally and completely to making sure her Dom has everything He needs and wants and more. She cooks and cleans and does laundry and all household tasks without a murmur of dissent. Oh i could go on.. but just picture "Father knows best" or any TV show from the 50's..... or any household from that time. i know .. i was raised in the 50's. My first introduction to D/s came at my Father's feet. He was Lord and Master and my mother did anything and everything to please Him.

Ok.. fast forward to the 60's .......... bra burning and women's lib. Hell i was in the front lines of every march. And i learned that i was as good as any male.... the world was at my feet and i could do anything i wanted to. It was a battle that was hard fought.........

Fast forward again to the here and now.......... do you see where i am going with this?? i am back kneeling at a man's feet.... giving over control to Him... waiting for Him to walk through the door as though my life cannot have any colour or joy without Him in it! i chose this.. i balance this subservient attitude with my stubborn beliefs that all people are created equal and are entitled to the same benefits and rights. i fight for every woman's right to a higher education in science and maths.. not just in the social sciences! (There is bias STILL in the education system people!)

i firmly and stubbornly believe that boys as well as girls should learn to cook and clean and take care of themselves.. cause if they can't take care of themselves how in god's name are they gonna take care of anyone else??? Be responsible for anyone else???? i fight for a father's right to stay home and run the household and raise the children while the wife goes out to work - if that is what they want!

So how does D/s fit into my life??? i think.. perhaps it is quite simple. i met someone who was stronger than me.......... and i was quite willing to give over (voluntarily) my power to Him. BUT before Sir.. (B.S. - cheeky grin) i had a Mistress..... someone else who was strong and in whom i had a lot of trust. It never has mattered to me if the person i am kneeling to is male or female.. it has to do with what is inside of them... and i don't mean genes! Perhaps i am doing an amazing balance keeping the plates spinning........ separating my belief that everyone has the right to chose for themselves what they will do with their lives........ and my desire to kneel and serve. There is a part of me that believes the gift of submission is truly special when the submissive is a strong independant person......... who does not capitulate to just anyone.

(getting off my soap box now and returning you all to your regularily programmed blogging)


  1. Don't see anything other than a superficial relationship between pre-liberation and D/S. But I do understand what your point.

  2. Always having been a "feminist" growing up, it surprised me how comfortable I am with D/s. Still, I think it's the freedom to actually choose your lifestyle that really makes the difference. Not that I think submission or homosexuality is a choice, really, but at least it's not a sickness as many would like to believe. I didn't even choose to consider myself Dom, I just am, and I have chosen to submerge those needs for the sake of the woman I love.

  3. Anonymous11:07 pm

    I agree with the michael... women's lib was about the freedom to choose HOW to live your life. Before that, all women were expected to be subservient. Somehow these days it's gotten twisted into women's lib meaning a women CAN'T be subservient.

    Anyway, I'm babbling..:)

  4. Well I believe in my humble opinion the Dom and the sub are equals. They are two halves that make a whole. The submissive has the desire to serve and chooses to freely. I have always worked in a position of authority. I am the most stubborn bitch you would ever want to meet in work force. For me to submit to someone it would have to be the person who completes me. I only serve one Master and I would only kneel at the feet of the man I chose. I think the Dom gives the submissive exactly what she needs and desires and she in return gives him what he needs and desires.

  5. cherish......... i LOVED the line "it would have to be the person who completes me".. that SO explains it (at least for me) and i have been searching and searching for a way to do just that!! Thank you!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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