Friday, March 31, 2006

cranky week

Don't ask me why but i have been one VERY cranky sub this week!!

Maybe part of the reason was i didn't sleep well....... and was burning the candle a bit at both ends....... maybe it was because .. other than Tuesday night - no playing went on here ...... and maybe some of it was because my Sir was a little preoccupied with some touchy subjects at His end........ who knows WHY?! But i was.

And then on Wednesday - for whatever reason - the seat of my jeans just disintegrated!! At work!! Thank god i had a long jacket on. i was retelling the story to Sir .. and saying something to the effect .. "and of course my bare ass was hanging out" (cause i am not allowed to wear underpants ) and Sir says " BUT you had your extra pair of panties in your purse ............ RIGHT???!!" And we both knew i didn't.... and of course that is a punishable offense. Soooooooooo all day Thursday i had to wear my underpants to work........ but they had to be on backwards!!!

Now trust me folks when i say there is nothing more uncomfortable.. more itchy.. more irritating than having your underpants on backwards!!! And combine that with the fact that my clit jewelry tends to keep getting caught up in the crotch (when they are backwards) and tugging my clit seven ways to Sunday ........ Thursday was .. to put it mildly.. an awkward day to get through. i sent Sir an email from work mid day saying simply "wiggle wiggle" .. i knew He would understand the hidden message..... and i thought might get a smile out of it........ Last night He brought up the fact of the email and i whined very nicely about how miserable the backwards panties made me feel..... and He said "good then you can do it again on Friday"......... i said "HUH??!! i didn't do anything wrong??? " And Sir's response was " I can order it and it shall be .. right?" and of course He is right.. and of course i will suffer through another day of my underpants on backwards........

And trust me.... there will always be at least one pair of underpants in my purse from now on......... maybe 2 .. just to be on the safe side !!!!


  1. I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help it! I can just imagine the uncomfortable look on your face... and then the "huh?" look when your Sir ordered a repeat on Friday - priceless!

    Thank you for the laugh so early in the morning. You singlehandedly shook me out of my morning grumpiness.

  2. even on the best of days underwear can be uncomfortable even very early in the morning n'est pas.

  3. a very cute post morningstar sis. And it made me giggle too. i hope your weekend is wonderful. Thanks for all your great posts. i love stopping by your blog.

  4. Anonymous10:20 am

    i have been horrible....reading but not commenting.

    It is saturday morning and i just read this, haven't had a chance to stop and breath this week.

    Cute post. i can imgaine the look at your face all day, like something just isn't "right." Ever had one of those days when your bra just isn't "right" and you spend all day tugging, pulling and adjusting??? i can imagine it to be like that, well without the jewelry, i don't have any....yet!



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