Wednesday, March 22, 2006

light bulb moment

Over the last few days i have been reading my blogs...... and thinking... and trying very hard to figure out what type of submissive i wish to become........ This morning i read on The English Gentleman’s blog........ His description of 7 types of submissives.

What i read kinda bugged me all day......... i found i kept asking myself which type are you and which type do you wish to become??? Then i found my mind reviewing all the different types of submissives - or slaves - or whatever you wish to call them - that i read on a regular basis. And i kept asking myself which one are you like now?? which one do you wish to become more like???

Then driving home this afternoon.. i had a foot stamping major temper tantrum!!! How can anyone catagorize submissives into different distinct types???!!! Yeah yeah - i know there are definitions out there on the net.. in real life... bottom versus submissive versus slave .. etc etc etc... (gag me with a pitch fork!!) All these definitions .. all these different types.......... who gets to decide all these levels of submission.. all these different catagories?? What if i want to be a little bit of all of them??? what does that make me??? screwed up?? mixed up?? half breed??

At the end of the drive home... i realized how simple it really is....... i want to be a little bit of each of them. Buried deep inside of me .. like the spring bulbs ready to burst forth with a little bit of encouragement from the sun and the warmer weather - is my very own submissive bulb. With warmth and caring and nurturing it too will blossom forth and create a unique flower of submissiveness... NOW i am ready to write that essay task for my Sir........... NOW i am ready to await the spring blossoming..........


  1. Anonymous8:51 pm

    i don't believe that any one is all of any type. we all have a little of each type, and differnt levels. That is what makes us special.
    alluring red

  2. For some reason light bulbs seem to be a prominent theme in many blogs these days.

  3. Tim.... yeah it would seem so !! BUT then being who i am.. i change the light bulbs myself...

    cheeky grin
    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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