Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Break

When i got home on Friday Sir was waiting for me with a short and sweet order.. "pack a bag we are going to the Vermont munch!"

i was so excited.. it has been forever since we went down to the Vermont munch..... AND Sir had said we would stay overnight - which made it a 'holiday' and a celebration! It was a little nerve wracking getting down there ......... We drove through snow squalls and blustery white outs........ BUT we did arrive with 30 minutes to spare. Time to check into our hotel and catch our breath, before heading out to the munch.

i must say it was fun to meet up with old friends and make some new ones... and it is always interesting to see how others run their munches. There was a wonderful round table discussion about BDSM versus Abuse...... led by the ever gracious Flirticia! Sir and i look forward (now that the nicer weather is back- it is back right??!!) to being able to attend more events in Vermont!!

After the munch Sir and i headed back to the hotel where i... in a most unsubbie like manner... dropped into bed and fell fast asleep. Yesterday was spent in Barnes and Nobles and shopping at the malls. Barnes and Nobles has to be my favourite ever store!! i am SUCH a book snob ....... sigh. i adore hard cover books!! i love the weight of them .. the smell of them.... everything about hard cover books!! Needless to say i spent all my time at the discounted book tables finding treasures for pennies. i am excited by the books i bought .. and will have to be very disciplined this coming week about reading versus cleaning.....

Sadly our weekend in Vermont came to an end and we had to head home in time for dinner.. i spent the evening curled up on my pillow at Sir's feet .. feeling very much like the "cat who had swallowed the canary"...

What a wonderful way to start my "spring break" even if the spring flowers are far from peaking through the snow...........

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