Monday, March 13, 2006

Good things

"All good things come to those who wait........ "

my grandmother used to say that all the time to me... and she was right. It had been awhile since Sir took me downstairs and hung me from the rafters and played with me till i was filled up and over flowing.......... and Saturday afternoon that is just what Sir did...... filled me up to overflowing.

Sir used a new gag He bought .. sort of like a horse's bit... sort of...... i hate gags.. i hate drooling.. i will all but break my jaw to push those damn gags out and swallow my spit...... i loved this new gag... i wonder why....... it felt right in my mouth.. for some reason it was humiliating.. more so than the other gags.. it made me feel small and insignificant.. and ohhhhhhh so wonderful all at the same time...

i hated that Sir tied my feet together.. i hated feeling unbalanced... i hated feeling out of control......... i hated the bite of the rope .... it hurt!! the ropes left deep purple grooves in my ankles.. when Sir took me down some 90 minutes or so later .. i felt like i was going to fall.. i couldn't balance.. i didn't care.. it just felt wonderful and right.......

i hated the bite of the snake whip.... (damn thing could have stayed alone in the bag!!) it made me want to dance an irish jig but when it kissed my back it felt oh so wonderful.. the floggers were cruel and brutal.. the circus whip cracked and tore at my ass.... the leather V cut and bit and made me scream into the gag... and all of it.. every last inch of every last toy felt ohhhhhhhh so wonderful

And kneeling at my Sir's feet when it was over... thanking Him... my heart so full.. the fairies dancing and laughing and sprinkling their fairy dust ... and my Sir moving around behind me.. pushing my head down further into the floor.. forcing my ass higher.. feeling His fingers slide into the wetness that was me.. spilling down my legs... feeling His fingers find that secret place deep inside of me.. feeling Him tickle it and tease it.. hearing my moans... feeling the tightening of my belly.. hearing me gasp out those embarassing words.. "please Sir.. please!! may i cum!!!" Hearing Him answer "yes" feeling the flood gates open and the joy overflowing .. leaving puddles on the floor.. even when i managed to stand .. the "joy" still flowing out of me.. puddling in my slippers..

curling up on my pillow.. sated and full and content and purringgggggg... and thinking " all good things do indeed come to those who wait"........

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  1. i just love your posts such as this morningstar. They fill my mind and fantasies to overflowing and leave my soul purrrrring. Thanks for sharing you lucky subbie. ;o)


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