Monday, March 06, 2006

Brought to You by the Number 7

This post is brought to you today by the number 7....... thanks to kethry and the latest round of tag you're it!

Seven things that make me mad:
1) stupidity
2) intolerance
3) racism
4) abuse
5) bureaucracy
6) bullies
7) liars

Seven things that make me happy:
1) good books
2) time to read
3) bubble baths and candlelight
4) S/m and my Sir (of course!!!)
5) Weekends away
6) doing a good job
7) my children and grandson and grandkid to be

Seven fun things that I wish I could get paid to do for a living:
1) writing
2) decorating/interior design
3) creative pursuits - like card making .. scrapbooking etc
4) entertaining
5) program planning for pre school activities (nothing else ! just the planning!)
6) reading/editing
7) surfing the net

ok.. now i am supposed to tag 7 people........ so i pick.......
1) my Sir

2) Cloud
3) minion
4) searabbit
5) cherish
6) Daemonica
7) ling


  1. Seven things that make me irritated:

    Listing seven things.
    Thinking of seven things to list; not six, not eight, but seven.
    Wodering why it matters that it's seven, maybe I have 11 of one and 3 of another.....
    Spending this much time trying to sound profound or wity, within a numerical constraint.......

    One thing that makes me grin:

    Stopping at three just to be contrary......hehe.......

  2. Sorry, that was four things........

  3. So, I guess I should make three more comments.......

  4. But, I won't.......


  5. Michael:
    count yourself lucky i didn't "tag" YOU!! Then i would have bugged you and bugged you to get it right........

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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