Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's time

Today is the day ... Sir is going into hospital for His operation..... i wrote about it back in November... Welllllll it has taken this long to get a bed .. the doctor and the operating schedule all on the same page and ready for Sir...... It is day surgery (hell everything is day surgery now!!) so i will drive Sir in and bring Him home when it is all over........

and i get to play "nurse".... i keep having all these evil evil thoughts - all those "stop mother blankety blank blank blank" sessions keep coming to mind... i get to "nurse" my Sir for a couple of days......... and you all know nurses... they don't take "no" for an answer do they?? "how are WE today??" said sweetly as they plunge a blunt needle into one's derriere....... whipping off bandages that yank off body hair in the most sensitive of places......... all the while smiling sweetly .. even angelically..... ohhhhhhhh yeahhhh i can be a "good" nurse for my Sir...
ohhhhhh did i forget to mention I C E?? i am sure Sir will need to be iced regularily....

But in all seriousness... if you feel so inclined.. keep a good thought for my Sir today so He will be as fit as a fiddle again ......... i keep reminding myself.. even a Stratovarius needed a tuning every once in a while !!


  1. We will have both of you in our thoughts I am only a short distance away should you need anything.

    And if you need i stillhave some medical restraints and that lovely little wheel for testing reflexes. After all you have to make sure that the sensation is returning (smiles of a devil)

  2. Keeping you both in mind this day. All light heartedness aside, I know the stress and worry that medical stuff can bring, and nursing is not fun. Wishing a quick and full recovery for your Sir, and a rapid return to "normal" for you both.


  3. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  4. My littleone is now in bed sleeping as the stress of worrying about My health today has tired her out. she has did her subbie duties 150% today and she has done Me proud!!!

    As for Me I am doing very well and should be posting a blog tomorrow..

    Thank you CLoud, kaya and raheretic's swan for your kind words and thoughts....

    Owner of Nurse morningstar

  5. I'm so glad You're doing okay Sir. And even more pleased that You had Your lilone to take care of You. What better medicine. Sending well wishes Y/your way.

  6. Anonymous3:35 pm

    I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts...*hugs*

  7. I hope that the surgery goes well and that all is well between you and Sir. I am sure that He will enjoy you being His nurse.

    little pet's Master

  8. Great to hear you are well Sir!! I kept checking for a blog update from morningstar but I assumed she was busy tending to Your needs.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day Sir and morningstar!

  9. I hope the surgery goes well for your Sir. You're now giving me bad ideas for when my Daddy has His surgery to try to remove the tumors from His liver in the next month. teehee :) ::thinking naughty girl thoughts:: lol


  10. Sir and morningstar-
    I'm happy to hear you are doing well. Healing thoughts are being sent your way via cyberspace!

    Take care,


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