Friday, March 10, 2006


Sir ordered me the other night.. to stop cleaning and take a day off....... enjoy some pampering time......... well pampering to me is playing with my pc.. with my blog.. with pictures .. cleaning up the hard drive etc... in mucking about on my hard drive i found a multitude of pictures - no not just of me!!! And i had this brainwave.......

YIKES!! caution ahead.. subbie with brainwave !!!

i decided to start a "sub" blog to this one.. (and yeah i meant to use the pun!) If you look to your right you will discover something that says "NEW FEATURE" and directly underneath is a link to this "sub blog". On this blog i intend to post from time to time.. BDSM pictures - sort of like an art gallery for your enjoyment.

Now please be warned !!! these pictures will ALL be of a BDSM nature and may not be to everyone's liking. AND it is most definitely an adult only site! BUT it will not be pornography..... sorry no pics of me giving blowjobs!!! (cheeky grin)......

i welcome everyone to drop by .. take a look .. relax and enjoy.........

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