Monday, March 27, 2006

Pin Head

Sir decided i needed some needling on the weekend.. and all i can say .. even now 2 days later... is "WOW".

After .. i don't know.. maybe one or two needles i was so relaxed and comfy and full of warm fuzzies. i didn't even realize when Sir stopped putting the needles in.. i didn't even realize He was writing on my ass.. and i most definitely didn't even know when He took pictures. If i had been more aware i would have whined and pouted that He put only a few needles in........but it just didn't seem to matter. Sir hit the "relax" button in my ass .. and i was relaxed !!!! Later in the afternoon when i got out of my shower and was toweling myself off i caught a glimpse of a "mark" on my ass.. i turned towards the mirror to see if i could get a better look........ and yes there was writing on my ass!!!!

Just call me "pin head"...........

AND.......... i have added a needling picture to the photojournal blog....... it isn't me........ but maybe one day i will have that many needles !!! WOW imagine how relaxed i will be then!!!


Now onto something a little bit different.........
i have this "thing" about bloggers i read daily......... and i have this "thing" when bloggers just up and disappear.......... that is the case with Gabriel and kaylem of "Once Bitten" minute their blog was there.. and the next .. poof .. gone! yes yes i know they just had a new baby.... and life can get hectic and busy..... but i was wondering if anyone knew where they went? if they are ok??
and a little plea to others i read............. please! before you decide to take your blog down .. for whatever personal reason........ could you just post a little "goodbye"???? sighhhhhhh so many of my favourite blogs have just up and disappeared.. Lisa of Lessons Learned.. minion....... magadala... and now Once Bitten....... just a little goodbye please???????


  1. Start saving your pennies for all those many neddles....

    Owner of pin head morningstar

  2. Congratulations on getting pinned...
    As to Gabriel and kaylem, I hope they won't mind if I pass on the word that they are OK. Just needing space and time for themselves. Like you, I miss so many companions that were "here" and are now "gone."


  3. They shouldn't since they posted something awhile back saying they need time.

  4. i'm SO glad to hear that Gabriel/kaylem are ok - and where DID lisa of lessons learned go?

    Thank you again for your posts- i always enjoy them!!

    this girl

  5. Anonymous2:13 am

    Not gone, still here, just taking a break :)
    Your concern means much to me.



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