Sunday, March 26, 2006

Angry monsters

and by angry monsters i do NOT mean the ones that hide under the bed or in the cupboard after lights out.......

i spent a good part of my life with angry monsters around me... lots of loud voices.. lots of tempers.. lots of arguments. i found it all very tiring and scary and it usually made me quite sick to my stomach.

When - a few years back - i moved here to the lil condo in the city - i promised myself there would be no angry monsters allowed in my house. No raised voices - no arguments - i would cultivate a quiet peaceful retreat for myself and anyone who ventured here.

Yesterday Sir and i had plans to meet up with some friends (ex BDSM - now vanilla couple) and share some dinner and an evening of light conversation, laughter and some board games. It all started off fine.. at least i think it did.... but somewhere between Boardwalk and Park Place things started to go array.

Now we all have our "monsters" inside.. most of us have managed to "tame" these monsters or at the very least cage them. Last evening some fun words went a bit too far......... feelings were hurt ......... it seemed as though a hurrican blew threw that tiny house...... toppling everything in its path........ destroying the peace and tranquility and something so much more.......Maybe it was all an illusion - the picture i had .......... maybe the hurricane of anger just blew that illusion away...whatever it was......... Sir and i left........ it was hard to do.. and even harder not to do........... We retreated to the sanctity and peace of my lil condo in the city.

scary stuff those monsters who don't hide under the bed or in the cupboard.........

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  1. mis-understanding, sadly people seem to hear what they want to and not what is said nowadays. Must be a virus , I hope


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