Saturday, March 11, 2006


i was expecting an alone weekend.. Sir had to work Friday and Saturday AND Sunday. So after lunch on Friday i decided to spoil myself with a nice long hot bubble bath.... i had just settled in when i heard the front door open....... Sir had come anyway! and more than coming for the weekend (despite all the driving He is going to have to do) He announced we were going out to visit Cloud and minion for the evening!!

It fascinated me how easily i slipped into high protocol mode at Cloud and minion's (maybe being with like minded folks helped.. who knows??!!) from taking Sir's coat.. removing His boots... waiting for permission to enter a room...... kneeling as i brought Him His cake and coffee offering them to Him ......... it was all so easy.. even after all this time of less than high protocol living. He had told me to pack the snake whip (just in case).... all evening despite the good conversation and wonderful company.. my mind would stray to the bag tucked away in the back room with the blue snake whip coiled up .. all alone. My mind was playing tricks on me.. i could hear it calling to me.. but it had to stay tucked away .. alone.

At points during the evening .. and again this morning.. i felt alone with my thoughts.. my beliefs.. my philosophies... Sometimes it is hard to take the path of more resistance versus the path of least resistance. It tends to make one feel alone.

This morning Sir left early to go to work..... and i am left alone. The blue snake whip is still coiled up alone in the bag from last night. Sir left with a promise.. "the sooner I leave.. the sooner I return and get to whip your ass" He said as i closed the door...... Standing alone in the foyer His voice echoed...... "whip my ass".... alone i am left to contemplate that whipping... it is a long time in coming.. not expected.. and becoming scary. The blue snake whip is calling to me again.. alone in its bag........ i can hear it!

Alone can be a good thing.. especially when there is a promise of a whipping with the blue snake whip...... then neither of us will be alone....... and the fairies will come too..............

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