Wednesday, March 07, 2012

YES !! and yes !!!

ok.. so this should throw a few readers - two posts in one day!  

BUT ......... i just had to share.......... 

Remember back in the fall when I was learning how to do the damn accounting program??? Remember my fear that I would be audited and get thrown in jail??? (I should learn to keep my bloody mouth shut and not tempt fate) 

Last week I got a call from the Federal Government.  They wanted / needed to do an audit.  

A U D I T !!  Yikes!!

I made it very clear to the auditor that a) I don't do math/accounting b) my past accountant was an asshole - and I only learned that after he left c) I would probably cry.
He was very calm and told me that I shouldn't stress - that it would be ok.  Right and I am gonna believe him??? 

Well he came this morning at 9:00 a.m sharp.  Took forever to get his laptop and files all set up on my desk.  The first thing he asked me for I couldn't find.. anywhere !!!  I panicked.   He calmly kept setting up.  I settled down and found the paperwork.  

Three hours later he packed everything up.  Yes I got hit with an assessment - BUT - he only charged me the minimum penalty .. and minimum interest.  (it's still a chunk of cash - but it could have been much worse) 

The best news was ......... he checked 2011 which I did with my new bookkeeper and it was perfect... dead on!  So now I know I am on track..... He shook my hand - smiled and told me to stop worrying - and left. 

Now the other bit of news I just have to share....... I am SO excited!!  W and I are heading off on a road trip on Friday!!  We're going to Kingston Ontario to spend the weekend.  We will be attending a munch up there....... going to a train show....... and making good use of our hotel room for some play time.  Two whole days!!!  I so needed this.  

It has been one year since I was admitted to the hospital.  One year - hard to believe.  I want to celebrate life and love and health....... and will get to do that in style this weekend.  

So......... this has been thumbs up day !


little monkey said...

I am so happy for you, that you can see the audit as a positive, and on your recovery! Thumbs up days are a good thing.

sensualfreak said...

The year may have been hard and even long but you made it. I hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Happy for you. Celebrate life to the fullest!

Sue said...

Wow! A year!

Congratulations on the audit results.

Have a great trip. Enjoy every minute.

Sue (swan)

Anonymous said...

I read but don't always comment. I enjoy your blog :)

I hope you have a lovely time away with your Sir and I wanted to wish you continued good health. :)

Fondly, Sky

BlazngScarlet said...

A year? WOW

Have a fun-filled and joyful weekend in Kingston (you always come sooooo close to me and yet, just far enough away!lol)
You & W have more than earned it!

Be safe my friend! =)

viemoira said...

wow an audit- I would definitely cry!! You must have much more faith now though!

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