Saturday, November 14, 2020

Early Christmas present



 I got an early Christmas present yesterday........... 

When I was going through all this dental work these past few months.. the most painful thing about it honestly was the cost.  We're not talking hundreds of dollars - we're talking thousands of dollars.

We may have free health care (well mostly free) BUT dental care is not included.  AND - as I have learned - it can just about bankrupt you if you don't have dental insurance... and I didn't.  What I did have was savings........... just enough savings to cover the work.

Back in August Sir Steve was talking to his boss and pointing out to him why he should think about getting 'benefits' for the employees.  His boss said then that he would give us some money towards my teeth. 

Yesterday Sir Steve came in and handed me some money....... from his boss...... and said that there would be some more next week.  I nearly died - he has given us 60% of the cost!!!!!!  60%!!!! and he didn't have to!!!

I had been down because I wasn't going to have the cash this year to do Christmas the way I like to......... and now........ WOW!  I can pick up the lil extras I like to have at this time of the year..... BUT best of all - I have some of my savings back - my rainy day fund. 

(oh and a bit of a side note re my teeth - I am STILL having issues - still having bone slivers work their way out of my gums... still having tenderness .. though it is getting better !  guess the dentists weren't exaggerating when they said it could take 6 months to be fully healed. )

Life is good when people help out even when they don't have to................


  1. Hi Morningstar, wow, that is so awesome! How wonderful of Sir Steve's boss! Very generous.

    Hope your mouth settles soon. It can take some time.


  2. That's really great! Not only the cash but the fact that Sir Steve works for a man of such integrity and good will.

  3. That's great news! IT's lovely when people come into your life and help you out when they don't have to. Someone reminded me of this yesterday, that friends don't have to step up and help. But when they do, you know they'll be there for you!


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