Friday, November 13, 2020

Home School Report



We've been muddling along with home schooling....... I have been slacking off a bit I admit it..... just uploading her work to the teacher without checking it........... 

Her report card came home yesterday.  I was a little shocked at the marks - the marks have definitely gone down from past years.  She needs to work on her math (no surprise) BUT ... even her language classes need some improvement.  GAH!!

I feel like I have failed........ it's my fault.   Truthfully I feel like I might be 'failing' in many aspects of my life....(le sigh) ..... I feel like I'm falling down some rabbit hole...... again.

Life is not good when the voices in my head start their negative talk .........  


  1. Reading this has caused a post to blossom in my mind! I'll post it sometime next week. In the mean time - don't despair! I have a feeling you're doing way better than you think..

  2. Ah, your voices in your head sound much like mine and so many other women's voices I know. Why we choose to take on everyone's issues is beyond me, and yet we do. Her school work is not solely your responsibility. It is hers ultimately, and she also has other adults in her life who can offer support. If she was really falling behind, I imagine her teacher would have contacted you. Take a breath.
    Sometimes getting a comfort level with "less than perfection" will help get you through some rough times.

    Wishing you peace of mind and happiness during this difficult time. And thank you for your blog :)

  3. Hi Morningstar, you are not failing at this, you have been rocking home schooling. It's a very difficult time for the kids, teachers and parents schooling at the moment with all the virtual learning.


  4. Hey Morningstar,

    Those voices really are awful aren't they? I know them well. However, this is not your fault. Remember, school is lil one's job not yours. Maybe you need to step in a bit, but really, this is for her to do and you to help as required (I am sure in your teaching career you told parents that!).

    It is early in the year and there is so much pressure. The mental impact on all of us (kids too) plays a huge role. And really, what is the worse that will happen? Nothing. As long as you are healthy and you try your best, then that is all that matters.

    Give yourself and lil one a little grace through these extraordinary times.
    hugs, love and all the positive energy I can spare!


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