Saturday, November 21, 2020

LOL Day (day 2)

 Yesterday I mentioned that I wasn't a one dimensional person...... that all those earlier blogs about whips and chains and floggers (OH MY!) were to a point an illusion.  I wrote graphically and occasionally added pictures of my body pierced with needles - or of bruising....... I threw caution to the wind and wrote reams of words......... 

Then a combination of things happened....... 

My D/s relationship started to fall apart - fantasies never translate well into real life..

The BDSM parties started to wane - and to be honest got boring........ 

AND I started to question my sanity - especially when I would look at the bruising on a Monday morning.......... 

My writing changed...... my blog started to morph into a vanilla blog...... well more vanilla than BDSM... and I figured folks would stop coming round to read.  

BUT they didn't - you didn't!  The numbers on my 'counter' kept clicking upwards... even when my blogs were full of angst... or emotional pain .... or boring every day activities. 

I think I came to realize that I was more than a submissive - more than a pain slut - and I wanted to write about that side of me.......... I wanted to be multi dimensional.  I wanted any quiet lurkers to see that life is more than BDSM - and that it can flow naturally through every day life..... 


Yesterday left me gob smacked - so many comments!!  from lurkers as well as regular readers....... I think this was my best LOL day EVER!!  

Thank you to all the lurkers who took a deep breath and left a comment - thank you to all the ones who said they had been reading here for years - thank you to all my 'regulars'.  It was a pretty amazing LOL day!


  1. Here I am! I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty accessing my blog. I checked a few things and can't find a reason. Also, others are getting in and leaving comments so not being a tech expert, I don't know what to recommend? Perhaps send Blogger a help note?

    Enjoy LOL-Day2!

  2. I agree! Mine used to be a spanking/sex blog. Now not so much, but people keep coming. More people than we realize seem to enjoy reading about all sides of life.

  3. personally I find it reassuring that you and others (Fondles for example) write more about life in general than kink. I try to put some of my vanilla side into my blog occasionally, especially when I have returned from a travel adventure. It helps to tell the world that we are real life people, contributing to society and not just mono dimensional weirdos, focused only on play and porn.


  4. Glad you had a great LOL day and that a number of lurkers said hi. Always enjoy visiting here Morningstar:)


  5. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Well I just figured out how to leave a comment what a good lurker i am. Enjoy you're posts very much.if this works too others i am thinking of them

  6. Vanilla or chocolate ripple, I love reading your blog.



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