Wednesday, November 25, 2020

1 Month Today


Can you believe one month today is Christmas?!  I know more than a few folks are struggling with the changes this year... the lack of family gatherings... and I know more than a few folks are feeling down......

I have tried very hard since last March to make things as normal as possible around here.. especially for the lil one.  We have already handled whether Santa Claus will be able to visit this year ........the reality of no Santa Claus parade ... no visiting with Santa - sitting on his knee - whispering in his ear what she wants for Christmas.......

AND we're planning a virtual Christmas celebration with the family - one where we share a Christmas feast and even open gifts together!

So yeah - I am more than a little determined to make this Christmas as special as possible. I found a website that will make a personalized video for your lil one from Santa (I'm gonna figure out how to email it to her school email account - hopefully!!)  There is a Holiday of Lights at a conservation area here... drive through... we have already picked up tickets for it..... planning a 'picnic supper and then a magical visit to see the lights.  We have planned one Christmas movie night a week which includes a TV supper (TV rarely happens around here so very special treat!) AND of course I have planned fun craft making days and baking days - and YAY!!  'Daddy' will be on holidays from the 18th till after New Year's - we're gonna make a fancy dancy gingerbread house (the lil one has never made one!) and make fancy Christmas cookies the week he's off! (thank god he LOVES to bake)

This past weekend we put up our BIG tree ...... had our first TV supper with Christmas movie.......... 


Then yesterday she and I put up a tree in her room!! complete with fairy lights 


Did you notice I didn't mention - not one word - about gifts?!  Cause I want memories to be the important part of the holidays........ 

saw the following on FB the other day and thought I would share.........


(and that may be a theme you see on here over the month of December - memories)


  1. It sounds to be like you are going to have a fantastic Christmas season!

  2. It sounds like you are using your imagination and available resources to compensate for a Covid-Christmas.....and that's all anyone can ask. I am a new Grandpa and my grandson is going to have to endure a first Christmas under unusual circumstances, but as I said to my daughter: "do you remember any Christmas before you were at least two or three?"

    We are doing what we can as well. And while this is certainly no fun now, after this all dies down, it's going to make for some great stories a few years from now!

  3. I wrote a fairly long comment but I don't think it went through. sounds like you're adapting as well as can be expected. This will all make for great stories once it's over. ;-)

  4. I hope that the Muppet's Christmas Carol is on that film list. Best Christmas film ever, I still watch it every year. Arthur Christmas runs a very close second for me though. Enjoy your festivities.


  5. Hi Morningstar, wow, you rock Christmas! It will definitely be different for many this year. Good on you for being determined to make it just as wonderful as ever :)


  6. Look at you rocking this whole Christmas thing Morningstar!!!

    If you dont mind, I am going to use a few of those ideas over here too!

    Memories are what we are going for. My biggest let down is the Santa picture. This is the one photo I have every year of my kid. I gotta figure out how to do this one.

    I hope you enjoy the next month with all these wonderful memories just waiting for you to grab.


  7. Morningstar - Christmas is going to be so different this year so we have to make of it what we can. It sounds like you are going to have fab Christmas.



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