Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Silver Lining



This morning I was busy making meatballs........ lots and lots of meatballs


I am going to freeze them and use them over the Christmas holidays - some will become cranberry glazed meatballs - some will become meatballs and spaghetti and some may even become meatball subs........ I LOVE to have easy peasy meals over the holidays so that I can enjoy the holidays too.

While I was cooking - thoughts just kept tumbling through my head........
yesterday the lil one and I were putting up some decorations.... she piped up and said how much she loved Christmas with me........... that when Mommy left Christmas was lonely - but then she added 'of course Mommy doesn't really DO Christmas - not like you!'  How I made Christmas fun and exciting.......... it made my tired bones happy - cause I WAS pooped by the time we were decorating ............

I was looking around the house and smiling at the decorations we have put up ... and thinking about meals for the holidays ..... and it hit me ' how bloody lucky we are!' more than lucky really - privileged!!  Made me think about all the folks who won't be having a happy holiday season - because of Covid - because of illness - because of death (we lost a friend this past week) because of finances.  

And then I thought about how whiny I was becoming about the restrictions ......  BUT on the weekend Sir Steve suggested we take a drive out into the country to another small town about 40 minutes away.  There was a shop he wanted to check out.  It was the best drive EVER!!  the sun was shining - the scenery was perfect.  We even stopped at our local 'greasy spoon' and picked up hamburgers and fries for lunch (the BEST burgers you have ever had!!) It was better than any date night we used to have before restrictions...... it was relaxed and fun.. and allowed us to spend some quality / quiet time together.

The skies may be grey and cold... Covid numbers are climbing...and we may be facing another lock down........... BUT I realized no matter what - we have each other.. we have a nice warm house - good food - and love.  Lots and lots of love.  We'll get through this .. all of it....

Life is good when you find the silver lining............ 


  1. Sometimes you just get those great days. They are never planed, you just have to embrace them when they happen :)


  2. fess up- where and what is the greasy spoon!!

  3. This made me smile :) It's good to take stock and count your blessings. Sounds like a wonderful outing. I hadn't heard of the greasy spoon either lol



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