Saturday, November 28, 2020

Day Off



Yesterday there was no school for the lil one - she had a PA day ... a day when the teachers are busy doing professional development..... so she went to her Mother's on Thursday.  Which meant ----- I had a day off !!!!

Normally now I do the messages/groceries on Friday afternoon - squished in at the end of the day - usually at the end of a long week.   BUT yesterday I had the whole day - THE WHOLE DAY - to myself to get out and shop.  (though admittedly the stress of being out in plague filled shops was a bit of a downer...... nevertheless...........)

I felt a bit like Santa - making my lists and checking them twice.  I won't have another day to myself before Christmas and  really wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything........

1) baking supplies
2) gift tags
3) gift cards
4) tissue paper
5) baskets
6) find unsliced white bread - a whole loaf and I mean PLAIN white bread
and on and on the list went............

I left the house around 9:30 and started my great adventure............this shopping adventure was so different from past years - now I had my face mask - and a bottle of hand sanitizer.... lysol wipes ......... and no cash... and my own bags (well ok I've always had my own shopping bags)

By the time I got to the last shop of the day - my hands were red - my nose itched soooo badly... and I just wanted to tear the face mask off!!  AND I was exhausted!  I joked with the cashier that after 9 months of isolating and only going out once a week for groceries I was totally out of shape for shopping!  (never mind all the 'peopling' I had to do!)

BUT I got everything - well I think I got everything....... the car was packed to the roof with bags of goodies...............


Now I just have to bake ...... and bake........ and bake some more!  I have baskets and baskets (from my shopping spree) to fill for family and friends...... 


This way I can be with them all in spirit .........

Life is good when the to do lists get smaller ........... 


  1. What a wonderful bonus to have the whole day to yourself to get all your supplies and organise. A great feeling also to have it all out of the way.


  2. I do love and admire a good baker - sure wish I lived closer. Sounds like you had a great, even though tiring day. Hating to wear a mask is another great reason to stay home. I'd never go out without one - but boy, I hate them

  3. Our non essential shops reopen here again from Tuesday. It will be good to catch up on the list. I like the baskets that you got.



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