Thursday, November 19, 2020

Greasy Spoons


Selkie and Roz asked me this week about our 'greasy spoon'.... the restaurant where we picked up lunch last Saturday.  I am guessing Roz doesn't know what a 'greasy spoon' is... and I know (grinning) Selkie knows and is curious to find one here in Ontario.

When I moved to Ontario the one thing I missed was Quebec's greasy spoon restaurants - restaurants that served greasy fries and hamburgers....... steamies (hot dogs) ... and Quebec style pizza.

It was our goal to find food we remembered .... and occasionally craved.

and we found one!!  5 minutes from our house!!

And another plus - it's the cutest greasy spoon you've ever seen!


Yes that is an actual train caboose!   You climb the stairs and order from the window.  There is no eat in section - it is now and always has been a pick up only.

They have the world's best hamburgers and hot dogs and french fries.  Sir Steve says their poutine is amazing as well - I am not a big fan of poutine.... I like my fries greasy with ketchup........ you can keep the brown gravy and cheese curds!

Here's some pics to help explain............

greasy poutine......... 

just plain greasy french fries............

hamburgers and hot dogs........

Disclaimer - 

Greasy Spoons will contribute to weight gain.... high cholestral.. and a general unhealthy life style (BUT OMG it's soooooooooo good!!)


Tomorrow is the start of LOL days!


  1. SOOOO going to check that out - and I LOVE poutine!!

  2. Oh WOW, a train restaurant ( sort of ) !!! I remember there was a full sit down one in Montreal in the NDG area ( Victoria Station restaurant ).

  3. I used to eat at a Quebecoise greasy spoon a few blocks from my house in my hometown. Never had poutine there (it hadn't been invented yet) but feves au lard (baked beans) was a big seller.

    Now tell me, what is a Quebec-style pizza? Pizza had not come to my hometown, except the make your own kind in boxes by Kraft.


  4. It all looks delicious! Nothing like 'comfort food' a synonym of sorts for greasy spoon.

  5. Greasy spoons in the UK are usually the places that specialise in Full English Breakfasts, usually all day, which is good as they are a bit much for an actual breakfast :) The best ones don't have a menu, you just look at the stains on the cook's apron. I miss those places so much.


  6. Oh my, it looks so bad, but sooo good LoL. Thanks for sharing this Morningstar. I hadn't heard of greasy spoon but guessed it was a restaurant lol


  7. I was about to explain the UK's version of greasy spoons - Prefectdt beat me to it! I think probably all countries have their own versions of these, serving food that is delicious but very bad for you. Although having said that, I don't think we'd call a take-away food place a greasy spoon, even if they will package up breakfast for you to take away, it usually has sit-down seating as well. We have places that serve hot fried food as well, some of those take away in the sense that there will be no seating. In the UK you can get fish and chips (fries), burgers, kebabs, pies, battered sausage, pizzas, indian and chinese takeaways (and others like thai etc.) but I've not run across poutine here yet. We do have deep fried mars bars and haggis and other things! But a greasy spoon is different, in that their main focus, as Prefectdt said, is English breakfast. They may do fries and burgers (esp if serving all day and to clientle like truck drivers) but otherwise, the main focus is variations of bacon, sausage, fried bread, black pudding, fried egg, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, and other things.


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