Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Settling down.......



The lil one arrived home yesterday - early!

I asked how come she was early and it all just spilled out......... apparently Mommy and grandma were mad at me for taking them to task for being late for pick up two weeks in a row... apparently they decided that seeing as I don't like them late - they would be early on Monday......

REALLY??  talk about passive aggressive behaviours.

I sent Mommy a terse note - pointing out that they are not abiding by the court decision and that I won't tolerate it.  short sweet and to the point.

Then I got busy - did 5 loads of laundry....... emptied the pantry and cleaned it and organised it....... emptied the fridge and cleaned it and organised it.  Started making lists - menus for Christmas ... shopping lists of food for Christmas.  ( don't get bent out of shape - I spread the food shopping out over weeks so that I don't get hit with a HUGE food bill come Christmas)

And ya know what?!

I felt terrific!  I am standing up to this passive aggressive family.  I am not going to let them tie me up in knots anymore (well I'm gonna try!!)  and in the process I am teaching the lil one to stand up for yourself. (right?)


On an entirely different note.......... 

I am worried (as are many other Canadians) about what is going to happen in the States today and over the next few days............ please be safe my American friends.


  1. Wow! I wanna be like you when I grow up!


  2. Excellent! You didn't argue or fuss just told them the plain truth. Let them be the one angry and gnashing their teeth. Your calmness probably pisses them off too! Go you!

    Thanks for the thoughts. This election has world wide implications.

  3. Good on you Morningstar. I am nervously watching the election coverage and crossing fingers. I am also worried about the aftermath. This election does have wide implications.



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