Monday, November 02, 2020

Mood Adjustment



I like - sometimes need - a mood adjustment.  Sometimes I get stuck in a mood - like a car getting stuck in mud.... I spin my tires trying to get out of the hole I am in - but really just land up digging myself in deeper.  

I had a Dom in the past - who despite a lot of faults - 'got' my need for mood adjustments.... usually on Friday night after a week in the classroom........ Some nights I needed to relax - and so the needles would come out..... other nights I needed to have a good cry and the spanking implements would come out and the session would go until I dissolved in tears..... letting all the stress/pain inside out....

Last week - specifically Friday - I desperately needed a 'mood adjustment'.  I was spinning my tires........ I tried everything I knew to change my mood - including writing to the mother and giving her an ultimatum if the pick ups didn't improve.... Sir Steve took over the household chores (dishes and bed making) to let me just chill. 

BUT I didn't need to just chill - I needed a good cry - I needed to feel a connection between him and myself... I needed endorphins - I needed to float away on pain .... I needed to stop spinning my tires.

It didn't happen.

I did talk to Sir Steve last night at bedtime about my occasional need for a 'mood adjustment'.  I needed him to know that sometimes I need a good spanking - not as a punishment (hell NO!) but I need to be able to let go of the mood..... of the anger .. of the hurt.

Now here it is Monday morning - with no mood adjustment - and though the weekend mood improved.......... I am back feeling grouchy ... I am back feeling put upon.. I am back feeling out of sorts..... just not wanting to face the week.

Life will be good again when 'mood adjustments' become a thing around here........ 



  1. I know exactly what you need. I often needed that too. I'd hint, I'd email, I'd post, I even talked occasionally - all in an effort to help him understand what I desperately craved. There were a few sporadic attempts, but he never 'got it.' And I've learned to live without. I hope you do much better than I did.

  2. A reset spanking is sometimes badly needed. I hope you get what you need soon.


  3. Anonymous8:43 am

    I'm lucky enough to find a woman who knows what I need. She learned from dating me that there were times a firm hand was needed. She also learned from her mother that no matter who you marry, all men are little boys at times and as a wife, you will also have the role as the Mommy, that the way it is. Why my wife sternly states to the bedroom young man, I say nothing and do as told. She scolds me then counts to ten and I must take off my clothes, stand with hands at side. Always over her lap, always with the bath brush her mother gave her, and no amount of pleading, saying I'm sorry, squirming, kicking, will stop the spanking. I'm then taken naked, sometimes crying to the front room, face the wall, no talking, no rubbing and she could care less if one of her girlfriends drop in or her mother. I've been a naughty little boy and that just adds to the punishment. Jack


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